How to Use 3 Motivational Sins to Achieve Your Goals


Has your hard work ever been overlooked? Maybe you worked overtime for weeks, and when it came time for a promotion, a less experienced co-worker (who rarely, if possible, stays for more than an hour) was applauded for his good work and rewarded with a higher, better paid position.

Or maybe a new website you’ve been working on for weeks isn’t getting the traffic you think it deserves. And some low-level websites seem to be more popular than ever (even though they are “bad” or have worse content on them).

Whatever the case, it is a bad feeling to know that you have worked hard for something only to see others “take” all the glory. And if you are like ordinary people, you may feel angry… jealous… or proud… for responding to these unfair situations.

Yes, while you may not always allow this to happen, there is a way to use this situation to create a strong motivation for recovery. And maybe you can let yourself get what you deserve after all. Life is not fair but it is not very good if you do not treat it well


It is not uncommon for you to feel angry or jealous whenever you see people succeed when you have had a problem (and a little shows). Most of the time, people end up throwing their hands up in frustration and then stop responding. “What’s the point if it just ends like this?” they may think.

Unfortunately, that is the wrong way to do things. Turn anger, jealousy, and pride into fuel for fuel instead of letting indifference dull you, what if instead you were using it to bring about positive change in your life?

That may sound strange. But at the end of the day, some negative emotions take over the action. After all, this is usually pointless. But there is no reason why you can shift that energy to something that improves your health instead of harming it.

Here’s how to use the 3 “negative” emotions as a way to move you towards inspiring and productive success.

  1. Release Your Anger
    Anger is a remedy for fear and anxiety. While discomfort will cause you to relinquish challenges and opportunities, anger will cause you to raise your fists and blast your enemy to pieces. For those of you who suffer from fear when you know that doing something will improve your life, find something to be angry about… and let it happen!

If you want to be promoted but are afraid of rejection, think of a lazy worker to find you (and be happy about it), and use that as fuel for your own.

If you’re afraid to promote your website, but you see some “small” websites getting stuck, think to yourself, “Hey, that’s my way!” then “strive” to make your website visible. In the right doses, anger is your friend. Learn to control it and it can be a powerful weapon.

“One has to set goals as soon as possible and devote all one’s energies and talents to get there. With a little effort, she can get it. Or he may find something more beneficial. But in the end, whatever the outcome, you will know that you are alive. ”- Walt Disney


2.Green Envy
When you see someone with a better job than you do, how does that make you feel? Or what about seeing someone with a better body than you do? No need to think too much about it – you and I will both feel jealous. We want what they have. And WE WANT IT NOW.

The problem is, this feeling is often isolated because we do not like the feeling. It makes us feel unworthy and uncomfortable. And most people are not immune to the effects of these emotions.

But that would be an understatement! The best solution is to look at the person you are jealous of, learn about his or her successes, and adapt to your life – but better. No one wins overnight. So see if there is any way to improve in that person’s way so that you can do better than what they have.

  1. Be stubborn and proud
    If you lack the ability to “stick to it” which damages your self-control, then pride may be just what you need. I’m sure you’ve seen those people who don’t want to give up something because they’re just stubborn. Many people consider this to be a bad thing, but is it really, really?

What if you could turn that argument into a coincidence? Here is what makes that stubborn… pride.

A person is stubborn because it can hurt his pride to give in another way. It is like admitting that they are not what they claim to be when they call it over. And I think that’s probably a big deal when it comes to important goals.

To do this job, you need to find something that you are proud of or stubborn about. For example, maybe your family is known for their stubborn ways. Okay, that would be perfect! The next time you work on a goal, and you feel the urge to stop sitting down, just say, “I’m Johnson, and we don’t give up!” then move on to that point.

Or maybe you are proud of doing well in college or taking care of your family or being a good worker… all of these things can be used to drive you through difficult times.

Just remind yourself that the thing you are proud of means that you CAN do great things. And that you will not give in to feelings of laziness just because it happens to you.


“If you don’t, you’re going to drop out of school soon. And if you are not consistent, you will memorize the wall and you will not see a different solution to the problem you are trying to solve. ”- Jeff Bezos

I like to believe in the idea that everything benefits you. Good things help. But if you are creative and open-minded… as well as bad things. When you start to think this way, you realize that everything can help you. And when that happens, you can even begin to hope that you have a bad day… just using it as a stimulant.




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