Did You Judge People? Remember These 4 Rules!


Long ago, three blind children who had never heard of an elephant were approached by an elephant. The first child to touch the elephant’s tail noticed that the elephant was furry and thin. The second child touches the elephant’s legs and concludes that the elephant is very fat and motionless. A third child who touches an elephant in its trunk says that the elephant is a moving object.

  • Do you think any child said the right thing?
  • Do you think any child’s comments were the right one?
  • Do you think you are behaving like blind children in particular, that is, giving straightforward opinions about people right away instead of judging properly. He associates things with people that should not be treated that way. Sometimes he commits massacres and puts their honor on the stake. Isn’t that right? So how can you judge people? Here are some points to consider:

1- Be optimistic. Or you notice anything bad about a person. Don’t end it. There is a chance your brain is thinking against the truth. Don’t let your brain cook a bad curry. Check out the negative visibility but avoid testing the person. Be specific and forward.


2- Physical appearance is not everything. Do not judge people by their appearance. A person who wears casual clothes and is in a normal car may be better off than someone in a brand new Mercedes or a brand new BMW. On the contrary, a rich person can be equally great.

3- When judging people looks at moral riches as honesty, truthfulness, simplicity, morality, friendship, lowliness of mind etc.

4- The fly will always live on the dirty and rotten part of the tomato. Never do this in your life. Everyone has good and bad habits. Look at the positive side of things. If you feel something is wrong, talk about it but don’t spread negative information about someone. Hate the bad habit, not the person.

Judging a person does not mean who you are… it means who you are !!!





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