Small Stories

5 Short Stories of Behavior


The baby told the mother: “Mommy, you are so beautiful today.”
“Why?” She replied.
The child said: “Because you are not angry today.”
Story behavior:

  1. It is easy to be beautiful: – do not be angry.
  2. Anger is temporary madness.

One man went on a job interview.
Near the hallway, he picked up a piece and threw it in the trash.
The interviewee passed by and saw it.
The man got the job.
Story behavior:
Live good habits, and you will be known.


The little boy was working at a cycling school.
The man sent his bicycle for repairs.
After fixing the bike, the boy cleaned the bike and it looked like a new one.
Some apprentices mock him for doing unwanted work.
On the second day after the owner returned the bike, the boy was interrogated and given a job.
Story behavior:

  1. Go the extra mile to be successful.
  2. Making more gains Doing less loses more.

The owner of the farm asked his child to work every day on the farm.
His friend said to him: “You don’t have to make your son work so hard. Plants would grow in the same way. ”
The owner of the farm replied: “I do not plant my crops, but I plant my child.”
Story behavior:

  1. An easy way to train a child is to let him or her face adversity.
  2. If not cut, jade would not turn into useful materials.

The store is always bright.
Someone asked: “What kind of lamp do you use? It always is. ”
The store owner responded: “Our bulbs are always out. We changed them when the light came on. ”
Story behavior:

  1. It is easy to keep light, change the bulbs regularly.
  2. Make your daily life brighter: Try to break free from negative attitudes and make an effort to encourage positive attitudes to develop.



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