Worrying Creates Many Problems


A man with a stomach ache went to his doctor. The doctor asked if he had a problem with his health or work.

The man said he was concerned about certain incidents at work with his boss and co-workers. Was there anything the man could do to change what had happened? “No,” replied the man. ” But it still bothers me. “The doctor said, ” There is nothing you can do about it in the past. Close this chapter and move on. You are irritating yourself and your stomach with something you cannot change. ”

The next patient was a woman with a migraine. He explained that he was afraid of making the wrong decision about his future. Realizing that this was causing her headaches, she told him, ” If you make the right decision, you have nothing to worry about. If you make a decision that will end up being wrong, you still have the option to fix things. No decision can be postponed. Make a list of your options; make a plan to oppose each option and do something. Analyze the situation, and then do something. Then take each step as it comes. ”

People worry about the past that they can’t change, or worry about the future. Many worry about the problems they expect or the fears that may arise. Many of our stress-related illnesses are caused by mental, emotional, and emotional problems. Certainly there will always be problems.


Murphy’s law says that if something goes wrong, it will happen. It seems that no one has ever experienced so much trouble in life. Every time we solve one problem, a new one arises. After a while we begin to wonder if there will ever be a time in life when we can be free from problems.

No one said that life would be easy or that everything would be all right. The question is, How do we deal with our problems? Do we face them as a challenge and try to solve them, or do we worry and worry about them? We associate our problems with anxiety and worry because this extra stress can make us physically ill.

The pressures of life are so great that they affect us physically and mentally. We find that people experience anxiety, fear, depression and phobias. The offices of psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists are filled with ordinary, everyday people who are unable to cope with health problems.

When our mind is open and happy, we can feel better physically than when our minds are troubled and anxious. Our attitude can lead to stress-related illnesses.


Studies have shown that when we are angry or upset, the chemicals released into our body prepare us for “ fighting or flying ”.

We need to find an acceptable way to prevent the effects of mental, emotional, and physical stress.

Meditation has many benefits for our physical and mental well-being. Safe, efficient and inexpensive. Once we have learned to meditate, we put within us the ideal solution that we can use at any time and in any place.




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