How can you stay organized?

  1. Use files or folders to store all your documents. Divide your documents and place different types of documents in separate files. For example, employment debts, educational documents and purchase receipts will be filed in three separate files. If you want you can scan (or take a photo from your phone) and include it in your email to find it immediately. Make sure your password is secure! Benefit: Save time and avoid being pressured to get the right document.
  2. Distinguish between urgent and important tasks. Important activities sooner or later will pay off (if you give them the right care) or it can be a complete disaster (if you avoid it). Benefit: Attending emergency services on time will ensure a healthy outcome based on family, personal, financial or professional life. You may want to read my article at
  3. You need to pay attention to time-consuming things. routine tasks that take a lot of time but do not produce real good results should be prepared. Benefit: You will have more control over your time and plan family and personal affairs.
  4. Put your things in the right places. Provide the appropriate drawers, boxes, cabinets, files, balcony accessories. Pros: you don’t have to waste your time when you need something.
  5. Google Calendar is a great email and SMS service for any event you save to your online calendar You can set reminders for the following car service, replace tires, remember birthdays and special reminders and so on. Benefit: you will save money by avoiding disasters (car malfunctions etc), you will have healthy family relationships (birthdays etc.)
  6. Make a list of things to do. Keep it daily / weekly. Use ‘post-it’ notes in the shopping list. Pros: Critical tasks will not be missed. Unnecessary market reviews will be avoided.
  7. If you are a Muslim, your prayer times can save you time and give you the opportunity to plan many events between the two prayers. You can be an example to others by being organized in this way.

Stay tuned for a concrete grip on your life from today.





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