Small Stories

Story: Judging Others by Their Appearance


Once upon a time a rich old man lived alone in a very large house. She was growing weak day by day and could not take care of herself and the big house, so she thought of hiring staff who could help with all the housework and take care of her.

The old man appointed two staff members Salim and Ahmed. Salim was a handsome young man and Ahmed was an ugly looking young man. The old man asked Salim to go to the kitchen and make him some tea. After Salim left, the old man turned to Ahmed and said, “Salim has spoken ill of you. He says you are a very bad and dishonest person. Is this right?”
Ahmed thought for a moment and said, “Salim is a very nice person. He has a good external appearance so this should be reflected in his inner beauty”. Ahmed believed that such a good man would never lie. So he told the old man, “If Salim has a bad opinion of me, then there must be something wrong with me. I am afraid he will fix the truth.”

The old man was very impressed with Ahmed’s ugly appearance. Meanwhile, Salim returns with a cup of tea to his master.
The old man sent Ahmed to make him breakfast and then turned to Salim and said, “Ahmed has spoken ill of you. What do you say about that?” Upon hearing this, Salim became angry and began to speak badly. He said Ahmed was a liar and a liar.

The old man thus concluded that a good-looking man had no inner beauty while a man with an ugly appearance had an amazing inner beauty.

Story Behavior

“Real beauty is not something the eyes can see but what the heart can hold. What we see with our eyes will one day end, but what we keep in our heart will always be there…”




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