Story: Look at Your Stones


Most of you may have read B4 but for the sake of others I will post it here:
A professor of philosophy stood in front of his class and had some things in front of him. When the class started, without words he took a large empty jar of mayonnaise and filled it with stones at the top, about 2 rocks. Width. He then asked the students if the pot was full. They agreed that this was the case.
So the scholar took a stone box and threw it into the pot. He shook the pot slightly. The stones were rolled into open spaces between the stones. The students laughed. He also asked his disciples if the pot was full. They agreed and said yes, that’s right.

The professor then took a box of sand and poured it into a pot. Of course, the sand filled everything else.
“Now,” said the professor, “I want you to realize that this is your life.
Stones are the most important things – your faith, your beliefs, your family, your partner, your health, your children – anything that is so important to you that if you lose it, you are almost doomed.
Small stones are other important things in life, but to a lesser extent Stones represent things like your job, your house, your car etc.
Sand is everything else. Little things. If you put sand or small stones in the pot first, there is no place for stones.
The same goes for your health.
If you spend all your energy and time on the little things, the things that are worthwhile, you will never have a place for the more important things.
Play with your children. Spend quality time with your spouse. We will always have time to go to work, clean the house, fix the car etc.
Take care of the rocks first, all that is left are stones and sand !!!





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