Small Stories

Story: Rich, Poor, Insane and Sick


The rich man looked out of his window and saw a poor man picking up something in his bin … He said, Thank God I am not poor.
The poor man looked around and saw a half-covered man behaving badly on the street … He said, “Thank you GOD I’m not crazy.”
The crazy man looked ahead and saw an ambulance carrying a patient … He said, Thank you GOD I am not sick.
After that a sick man in the hospital saw a trolley transporting a corpse to the morgue … He said, Thank God I am not dead.

Only a dead person will not thank God.

Why not thank GOD today for all your blessings and the gift of life … another beautiful day. Have you ever visited these places?

  1. Hospital
  2. Prison
  3. Hospital Cemeteries, you will understand that there is nothing better than HEALTH.
    In prison, you will see that FREEDOM is a most precious possession.
    In the cemetery, you will see that life is empty. The ground we walk today will be our roof tomorrow.
    We all have nothing and we will go with nothing … Therefore, let us always be humble and thank God at all times.



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