You Are Not Here To Be Perfect, But You Are Here To Be Better Than Ever You didn’t come to perfect.


In fact, the universe does not allow for perfection. Without breaks and spaces, there would be no growth. Nature depends on perfection. Lines of error make mountains, stars inserted into supernovas, the death of one era creates the rebirth of the next.

You are not here to live up to your expectations. You did not come to do everything directly, and at the right time. Doing so may require voluntarily breaking your health, curiosity, and fear.

You didn’t come to spend your whole life fixing all your parts until the pieces, in total, created everything.

You did not come to perfect, but you are here to get better. He is here to learn. You are here to feel. He is here to take what has happened and to bring wisdom out of it. You are here to see what the earth is like and to decide how you can best create it. He is here to change. You are here to be.

You are here to get better and you know you are here to get better because you feel uncomfortable if you do not improve. Your life depends on you if you stick to your past and present expectations. Often, the very moment we are not moving forward is when we start striving for perfection in the first place.


Instead of the real growth of humanity, we decide to be our own mold, flawless, untouchable, resisting all that makes us human.

That is exactly what we need in order to be perfect. We want to stop feeling it. We want a picture that we can paint every day in our heads that will make everything mysterious and mysterious disappear. Within perfection is precision. It’s normal and normal. It is well known, clear, and in a sense, simple. In the end, we all long for that. It is easy to assume that fighting for this is the answer.

Well, we can never really get there, because we can never get away from what we are basically. We try to avoid feeling broken by the pursuit of perfection, but perfectionism leaves us feeling broken.

There is another way, and to see what life is. It’s fun with it, amazed with it, and be one with it. It is to respect the darkness and be shocked by the light. It is a process of getting rid of everything we think we should be in order to be able to begin to appear as we really are. It finds that where we find fear is where we find beauty; where we are not free the fertile area of ​​our lives. We were not created to pretend we didn’t need to go there. We are meant to enter, open-hearted, and willing to be transformed.


You didn’t come to perfect.

So please stop trying to fix all your pieces as if you could break a certain formula that will free you. This will not work. This will not make you the person you want to be.

The measure of your life is that you live deeply and completely within it. How much you depend on your mistakes and gaps, and then you see in them power and growth. It’s not that you decide mentally that you’re good enough to feel your life, but that you come out anyway, feel good anyway, be surprised anyway, cry anyway, try anyway, and seek all that is right for you. It was always yours, always there, ready for your take.


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