Feel Fear And Do It Anyway


How many dreams do you have?

Better question: how many of your dreams have you tried to achieve?

Most of the time, it is easier to stay where we are than to risk moving – emotionally, physically, or mentally. We humans value flexibility and comfort, and the concept of change is not always appealing. In fact, change is often portrayed as a fearsome beast on our planet, threatening us with a terrifying face of the unknown.

Apart from this, perhaps your stomach urges you to pass on your fears, and the next discomfort is the stuff of internal wars. You feel inside – a struggle between your way of thinking and the constant gravity that draws your heart to a whole new side.

What if I hate the work and I hate it? What if I go __ alone and get lost or injured? What if I have a relapse and regret the decision? What if I ask this person and he says no?

But really, in all of these situations (or in your unique circumstances), would you fail if you took these steps and things would go wrong? Or can you lose a lot by not moving forward at all?


Fear is often a necessary response to the dangers of life. Fear can keep us safe. But letting fear control most of the decisions we make puts us in a life of endless satisfaction, and apathy does not challenge our growth. Satisfaction, in fact, does the opposite, holding us back from the relentless onslaught of boredom and numbness to the point where we simply accept that this part of life is our reality. Anything else is just too big a risk. It’s just too much work.

I’m sure you’ve heard now that the best things in life come with great risk. You will never know what you will do if you do not make the effort to pursue most of your dreams, or at least those that you feel are achievable at this stage in your life. It would be much better to look back on your life one day and smile at the crazy memories you made of trying something new than to have nothing to remember because you were always at the edge of your comfort zone.

I challenge you today: let yourself feel scared, but pursue the things that scare you no matter what. Acknowledge that the new idea you are considering may not be comfortable, dangerous, or challenging at first, but know that it would not be in your heart if you did not intend to try it.

You will never know what awaits you on the other side of fear, and it may be all you ever wanted.





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