Small Stories

Story: The Sinking Ship


There were three ships nearby when the Titanic sank.

One of them was known as Sampson. It was about 4 miles [7 km] from the Titanic and they saw white flames indicating danger, but because the crew was illegally hunting for signs and did not want to be caught, they turned away from the Titanic. This ship represents us and people like us when we are busy looking deep into sin and our lives that we cannot see when someone else is in need.

The next ship was from California. The ship was only 14 miles from the Titanic, but they were surrounded by snowmobiles and the captain looked out and saw white lights, but because of the unfavorable and dark conditions, he decided to return to bed and wait until dawn. The staff tried to convince themselves that nothing was happening. This ship represents those of us who say I can’t do anything right now. Circumstances are not ideal so we wait until conditions are complete before exiting.

The last ship was Carpathia. The ship was, in fact, heading south about 58 miles from the Titanic when it heard a commotion on the radio. The ship’s captain knelt down, prayed to God for direction, and then turned the ship over to the smoky fields. This is the ship that saved 705 Titanic survivors.
When the captain looked back at the snowmobiles they had passed, he said Someone else’s hands must have been the pilot! The ship represents those who pray to God for guidance and who leave without hesitation.


Life whispers in your soul and speaks to your heart. We need to take the time to listen and whisper this and pay attention.



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