Eight Things to Remind You When Someone Doubts Your Power


Whenever you start any new activity or enter a new phase of life (school, careers, side issues, business, lifestyle changes), there will definitely be people who question your strengths, try to distract you from your goals, and use fears made to keep you under their control or make you agree with their point of view, so that you can do as they say. It can be frustrating, and you may feel like a problem and you can’t do what you know is best for you based on how much they doubt you and make you feel bad about the future without you considering the different things you have to offer or the skills you have.

Here are eight things you can keep in mind whenever anyone tries to discourage you from reaching your full potential:

  1. People who judge you and doubt you speak contemptuously because you have a different view of life and a different meaning of success.
    They feel despised because they think that you are young, inexperienced, and very stupid for having a hard work and passion for what you want to do. Often, they don’t think you can succeed because they believe you are not doing something that works, and they explain it a bit based on past mistakes you have made. They have a distorted view of what it means to be important and perhaps think of achieving external goals as the only way for people to prove that they are successful. Their small opinion only reinforces their adherence to their images, which they want to keep, because they do not trust anyone else who does something different and has the power to change.
  2. They think your past failures mean what you can do now and in the future.
    Whenever you try to explain to someone what you are going through and how you want to change an important aspect of your life, you may be asked to point out past failures, without looking at your past or present success, as if your success has never happened. However, if they have not moved on from the past, it speaks volumes about how they judge you, and you cannot predict your future failures.
  3. Their minds operate under a small and oppressive framework – focused on poverty, external limitations, and disasters.
    Because they think this way, they see your other way of thinking dangerous and harmful because they cannot see beyond their narrow limits in their minds – they always think that the most tragic outcome is guaranteed, they believe that all failures are signs of endless incompetence, and they judge, not out of love, but out of irrational fear and anxiety. great. Whenever they tell you that you will definitely fail and never reach your potential, it is because of the way they think, and their judgment has nothing to do with your ability to grow and succeed.
  4. Their ideas are neither final nor true for the future, and you should never view them that way. Otherwise, you will be letting their sadness and frustration affect your feelings about you, which will set you up for failure and a lack of progress.
    Their ideas are not based on fact. Nor are they based on solid evidence. Based on feelings of fear that they could not control. That is all. The way they intimidate you whenever they talk about their disappointment to you may seem like they are giving you warnings and forcing you to stop bringing your ideas to life, but in the end, they just control your feelings of fear to keep you paralyzed where you are.
  5. Your worth is more than a person’s baseless opinion of your worthiness.
    In the end, it does not matter how you measure up according to someone else’s standards of competence. The important thing is to know what is best for you, what you have done to express your strong personality, and how good you are to make people feel in the process.
  6. Everything in life will come to an end, and you should not waste your life trying to please those who doubt and think you are worthless.
    No one knows when the economy will collapse, when another world war will break out, when society will be plunged into the arena of intense survival battles, or that totalitarian regimes will be completely stopped. But it may be faster than you think, and by then, it will be too late to create the life you have been wanting to live and it will be too late for you to create things that will really help you and others. Now is the perfect time to start whatever you wanted to start (and who knows – your words and actions can be part of the reason why a dictatorship can be put in place). Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  7. Opposition is expected whenever you plan to do more than you can handle.
    On the face of it, you may appear to be missing a few expectations set by someone else. Or that you have had a difficult past. Or maybe you do not look like someone who has great potential. However, you need to keep in mind that others are looking at what your life looks like based on what they see on social media or how they see it on a given day. They are not fully aware of the powerful fires within your soul or the inner workings of your complex mind. Their arguments are based on what they don’t like about you face.
  8. You do not need their approval, approval, or moral support to start things that you believe are important to your fulfillment and long-term happiness.

You can’t expect them to hold your hand and tell you what to do because all they have to do is crush your spirit under a safety and familiarity. You can’t wait for them to give you first permission because they will never do that, and you will have to wait until you have a health problem and then die without ever using your full potential. You cannot trust them to support you morally because they will certainly not give you that if they think you are inferior. You just need to take action now. And stay curious, persevere, find people who truly believe in you, learn as much as you can, change as much as you can when you face challenges, and transform yourself into a person, the kind you have the power to be.





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