Bright Tips on How to Set and Clean Your Health


If your cup is full, you cannot pour water on it. That is one of the most important principles of all time. It is impossible to change the tide of your life and rewrite your history if you are dealing with unplanned problems from the past.

Your life puzzle will continue to build the same image as you continue to use the same objects. It doesn’t matter how many times you try to mix them up in a different way.

Use reset to start your thoughtful design and your new approach.

Do not accomplish this by searching for new goals, announcing how you see yourself in five years, or by analyzing your purpose and goal. The whole process will be based on your old beliefs, which are the ones that take away all your energy.


You have to start by ruining your health, physically and mentally.
Uncontrolled preparation leads to two things:
Endless repetition of your past. Your life begins to fill with déjà vu.
Reducing the pace of life. That’s when you look at those who are able to do three times more than you do and who can’t wrap your mind around how they handle that. Success in life and self-reliance in all aspects of life can only be achieved at full speed.
It makes sense to adjust your life to three dimensions: the past, the present, and (don’t be surprised) the future. I’m sorry my French, but yes, there’s already a lot of discarded in your future, and that’s something you need to clean up again.
Get started now. It’s a very big goal. It’s here again now. The full cleansing of the present moment will strengthen and energize you. Believe me, those are feelings you will never need again.

The key is to remove all questions that hang from your to-do list.
I would like to say that I do not suggest that you polish your gift at the same time as a particular Cinderella (well, it will be useful!) – Initially, you need to fix the trash and bring «unresolved cases» to close, even if you have to reset. You must remove tasks from the waiting list and activate them if they are available for more than a few weeks. This will really strengthen you.
Here are some things to do this weekend to get off to a good start in rebuilding your life:

  1. Carry garbage away
    Remove all trash. Discard it, move it, or move it to your home. Never use «I will put it in this box and maybe one day take it to church». Actually remove it. Do not leave anything on the waiting list.
    So, what is junk food?
    That’s all you don’t use. Here is the agreement: everything you have not used for a whole year (that is legal) you must give, sell or throw away, including:
  • Clothes you don’t wear.
  • Most of the monuments other than those that make your house a home (in fact, are usually a bit of your own).
  • Empty or obsolete utensils and consumer electronics.
    The more you get, the better for you. You have to understand that every little thing is literally part of your power. Take a look at the situation and bring only the best things to use in your new life. As you approach your own, ask yourself: «Do I want to retain this power, or should I allow a new power to take its place?»

If your cup is full, you cannot pour water on it.
You pour out your cup. You can infect as much as you pour. If you are greedy, don’t be surprised if there is no place for big change.
All in all, a complete cleansing is a game called «How Am I Ready to Allow New Life in My Life?»

The more you throw, the more you are ready. In this way, this case applies to all spaces you have, including your office, your summer house, your car, and your private jet (if you have one). Surprise your colleagues – really fix your desk, start the real cleaning process!

  1. Delete files
    Garbage removal is simply the thick end of a stick. This is the time to delete files! How much time do you spend online in front of your computer? This is your space too, even if it seems. It is also a share of your power.

We tend to store everything on our computers. Why delete any of it? The hard drive will fit everything.


The same principle applies here: cleansing is a way of allowing energy to relax. Leave only files that you like and appreciate. Why keep a movie you didn’t enjoy? Why keep those old files useless? It’s part of you. Do you want to go with it, even if it is clear that the weight you are taking care of, is slowing down? Or, do you want to create something new for the place?

Your computer needs post-action updates like your own PC. Don’t forget to do the same with your social media accounts, blogs, and websites.


  1. Organize your belongings
    I’ve never been a fan of immorality, so until I gave myself time to create creative chaos, I defended myself behind my art.

Here’s what I’m saying now: Balanced order (not complicated, but orderly) ensures that your news will go smoothly, especially when it’s time to speed things up. You will not be able to change your pace if there is a disturbance in your work desk and in your house.
Filter incoming information
The flow of incoming information also needs to be well-organized and well-organized. It is the food of the mind and something on which the function of your brain depends. That’s the only way to put it. Have you heard of information drunkenness? This is a common situation that many people suffer in these days. They read whatever they found on the net and regularly shared quotes from great men, which silenced their souls.


Data is often collected; it goes nowhere from ignorance, which is why we have to filter the details carefully. We should only give the essentials and start using them at the same time, which will allow us to learn. Otherwise it will clog our channels and create powerful infoglut.

This will cause you to make mistakes along the way, because you will not be able to hear the real whispers of your soul.

That is why I recommend you do these things today:
Give your friend a clean list.
Remove all friends with their conflicting and encouraging reviews.
Clean your news feed
Remove or hide those people who have annoying updates, and especially those who post bad information at world events.
Nail down a list of blogs and websites you plan to read
My main goal in determining the value of a source of information is to feel the deepest bone in my heart. It is when you learn something and are able to feel the inner response, a well-known sense of awareness, and the desire to do something.

There is no way you can use the «I got an email, so I’ll sign up and read» the code. No. This should be the choice of the resources that fill you in and make you happy. It should be regularly cleaned and refurbished.

  1. Complete all pending business and reset it to zero
    It is important to continue with the rest of the business from your waiting list. You have to change its status to «still active,» and start doing it, and do it; or, reset it to zero. It is better to decide for yourself if you are going to stop doing something right now than to carry a load. You should feel that everything is done, the current news is orderly, and there are no hanging questions. That’s the “first speed” to get to the question “What do I want in this life” and move on to the intended sections.

In conclusion, I must say that your current deep cleansing process involves two important pillars: descending on all levels, and harmonizing your issues.

Switch your channels in such a way that you get effective quality information at the right prices, and you will see how your world is changing.
You can only renew yourself if you remember not being late for your experience too late.
Allow the start of the cleanup!





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