Small Stories

Story: Tears of Joy


Once there were two brothers who lost their parents when they were very young. They work together on their family farm. Some years later, an elder married and had a family of 2 children, one of whom was single. They work hard together for a day and at the end of each day share their products equally.

One day when a single brother was working in the fields, he thought to himself, ‘It’s not right

that we share everything equally. I am alone and my needs are simple. My brother has a big family. You need more. “With that in mind he took a sack full of grain and walked slowly to his brothers’ house and quietly put the sack away. He did it every night.

Meanwhile, the married brother thought to himself, “It is not right that we share everything equally. I am married and have a wife and children who will take care of me in the years to come. My brother has no family and no one can take care of his future. He should have a big share.” of his brothers in peace.

This has continued and both men have been confused for years because their grain has never dwindled.

Then one night, on the way to each other’s kraals, the two brothers met by chance and found out what had been happening all these years! They dropped their bags, cried, and kissed each other with tears of joy.




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