The Secret of Your Success Is Achieved By Asking Strong Questions


Benjamin Franklin is distinguished not only by having his face printed on $ 100 bills, but also by starting and ending his days by asking himself some dynamic questions. Benjamin woke up early in the morning when the sun came up and his day began with the question: “What can I do today?”

Then, after answering the question, after a short breakfast, he would go to work, read, write, think, and at the end of the day, before going to bed, ask himself another question: “What did I do to help today? ”

Moreover, no matter what day of the week it may be, whether it is a weekend, winter, or a summer, this portion of his daily routine has not changed. Benjamin’s daily routine was very strict. He could ask for his morning guidance, daytime work, and then ask himself a second time to check his work. He would then go to bed, and his next day’s work would repeat the previous day’s activities.

Benjamin Franklin is still revered. His daily routine helped him achieve goals, dreams, and build his personality. So if you asked him how he had accomplished his goals or changed his mind, he would smile and say: “Dear, the best way to change your mind is to ask yourself some questions.”


We rarely meet people in life who tell us how important it is to ask ourselves questions, such as Benjamin. We do not see the benefits of these activities, so we do not. There are reasons for this.

“Early sleep and waking up make a man healthier, richer and wiser.” – Benjamin Franklin

Why do people not like to talk to each other
To many, talking to you seems like an eternity. Watching TV is so much fun. It is believed that talking to you does not add value. But research has shown that responses have a profound effect on personality changes. The power to do so is a natural gift that we could never develop without it. That is why the questions are used by all outstanding psychologists who work with patients. Look around, using questions in each office, in each family and in our lives. Successful people, therefore, spend a lot of time answering important questions. After all, a person cannot change the same questions he has asked in the same way as before.


What are the benefits of answering questions:

  1. Questions shape your personality and your mind
    Questions create new, flexible brain models using a wide range of information. The more patterns and templates are made, the easier it is to find the best and biggest solutions. When problems arise, the brain chooses the best option among several possible options, rather than sticking to an old and potentially obsolete pattern. Through questions and answers, children learn cause and effect and, most important, understand the meaning of words.
  2. Questions help you to open your mind, and to rise above the common sense
    The more flexible your brain is, the more diverse the information it can absorb, allowing you to perceive different perspectives and, most importantly, reduce and limit.
  3. Frequent answers to questions make us faster
    Have you ever met someone who walks slowly? Often, such people are slow to answer questions. It’s all related. When you ask the same questions, you answer immediately. When you can answer the question “what can I do today with my dream?” in a moment, your daily plans are very clear, and you are no longer standing in the middle of a crossroads, giving you the ability to move faster. It changes your character and affects your attitude.
  4. By asking the right questions, we create true happiness and peace
    We know what the concept of peace and harmony is, but not everyone takes the time to understand what is behind them. As we begin to ask deeper and deeper questions about these important topics, we begin to understand more about how we feel about these feelings. Believe me, if you answer your happiness-related questions every day, you will want to smile automatically. Because as you work on your character, you will know that you are taking your time. He will be proud of you.
  5. Develops art and learns to change ideas
    Do you know how important it is to look at questions from a different perspective? By engaging in this activity, you are enriching your life and learning to look at life from a different perspective— “What if I do it differently?”

“The greatest tragedy for any person who goes through all their lives is believing that the only important idea is theirs.” – Doug Baldwin

  1. You can accept internal critics and learn to accept positive criticism from outside
    A study conducted online for adults in the U.S. More than 2,000, conducted in October, found that 31 percent of Americans are abused as adults. Unfortunately, it must be acknowledged that sometimes internal critics are involved in the harassment — you, your thoughts, and your beliefs. Some internal critics blame themselves for their outward appearance. Some blame themselves for the bad consequences of life. Therefore, you need to get in touch with your inner critics and learn to accept well the external criticism.

Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself
We have just discussed the benefits, advantages and disadvantages of asking questions, so now it makes sense to talk about the strongest points that have the greatest impact on self-improvement.

There are many such questions. Some of the questions you ask sound simple enough, but they are really deep. For example: “What does it mean to be happy for you?”, “Do you feel good or do you have daily problems?”, “Is there anything you do every day to achieve your dreams?”

Remembering the questions posed by Benjamin Franklin, discussed above, is also appropriate.

Some complex questions are: “What is most important in your life?”

For example, my best friend Daniel loves to answer questions too. I will share his thoughts:

Every morning when the alarm clock rings at 7:00 am, it says “hello, sun,” I ask myself: what kind of life do I want to live? This question makes me wake up in the morning with great energy because I know what I have to do to make my day amazing. I know that if I do not move, if I sit up in bed and press the snooze button, I will miss out on amazing moments. This kind of thinking throws me into bed! Some questions I keep asking myself all day:



What is the most important thing, and what should I do today?
All day:

Why do I feel like myself?
Can I feel better no matter what happens or what I do?

What was good about my day?
What have I learned?
What needs to be improved?
What is holding me back?
How can I improve it?





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