Why Ignore This Dark Way of Motivation


When you get home from work, what is the first thing you want to do? Are you starting to exercise? Does it work on the new side-hustle? Or does he just not pay attention when you tell him something to do? I would bet cash you don’t want to do one of those things. In fact, you may want to do something different instead – and that’s getting into your home clothes, getting into a comfortable chair, and getting into a fun show on Netflix or browsing social media.

That’s what the average person wants to do after a hard day’s work, after all. Unfortunately, it is clear that none of these things will improve your health in any way. Fortunately, you may have given up this lazy habit so that you will not be trapped in a swamp of independence for the rest of your life. And what you need is a little “attitude correction” to make it happen.

Your motive needs some “chutzpa” in order to proceed
Once a person has completed a task, the natural tendency is to relax. But the problem is that just because the body wants to take it easy doesn’t mean the job is over – and that’s a feeling we can all understand.

Unfortunately, this is a chronic problem that needs to be addressed. Otherwise, each day you will do the same old thing. And that is contributing to the lazy and childlike system the human body has. And if you just let your body control all your actions, well, it will require unhealthy food throughout the day and promote Netflix binges. Clearly, this is a quick way to live a life of pain and frustration. So let’s put this issue in perspective.


“There are no limits to what you can achieve, other than the limits you set for your thinking.” – Brian Tracy

The motive these days has no “edge” to it
People have a deep sense of belonging and comfort. It is a way for us to save energy so that we can put it into useful things (such as running away from tigers). But we no longer live as our ancestors did, and it is clear that we do not need such features in our day. However, even if there is no need for this symbol… it does not go anywhere. We are always clinging to the tendency to seek a way of less resistance, instant gratification, and greater comfort. Even if it means we have to sacrifice ALL our future success, happiness and satisfaction for you.

How to add sharpness to your favorite promotional strategies
The only way out of our laziness fog is to put electricity in our promotional ways. It should be something that actually makes us stop and think about what we want to do at any given moment. That way we don’t just appear lazy – instead, our brains actually do some cost / benefit analysis on whether it’s actually a good idea to indulge in Netflix a few hours after work.

I picked up some of the most popular motivational strategies out there and gave them an edge to work FAR with great success in getting you to take action on your goals. I suggest you shoot them if your first habit when you get home from work is to kick back and relax when you walk in the door.

  1. Swap SMART objectives for SMARTS objectives
    While SMART goals are good for clarification and guidance, they are lacking when it comes to motivation. But when you add an extra “S” to the end, you get “stakes” added to this mix. Suddenly, your new SMARTS goal will drive you to take action very quickly.

Here are a few ideas to get you moving forward with this, you can use this as springboards to create your diversity easily:

If you succeed in your endeavor, you will find food in a fine restaurant. If you fail, you will need to eat whole green grapes (I hate grapes so replace this with whatever works for you).
If you succeed in your goal, you get to take a weekend trip to another beautiful place. If you fail, you should volunteer as a roadside garbage collector.
When you achieve your goal, you get to watch a movie that you enjoy. If you fail, you should view the boring documentary on a topic you are not interested in.
You get the idea. Just select something on both sides of the promotion center and you will be ready to go with your SMARTS goals.

  1. Remember your “big why” and your “dark why” too
    People like to talk about the main reason why they take action:

“It’s for my family.”

“Leaving a legacy.”

“Doing something amazing.”

And all is well and good. But people have a “dark” guilt for them too, and pretending that this side doesn’t exist actually denies that we are people with negative emotions as well.

And that’s a big mistake. There is a lot of power in negative emotions because they can create action. This action is sometimes unpopular, but can also be applied to the goals you want to achieve.

Jealousy can drive you to improve your body. Anger can push you to increase your income from a side-hustle. And drowning can drive you to exercise more (sometimes if I know I’m going to have a bad diet, I’ll exercise before I “take you out”).

All about finding productive sites for negative emotions. So instead of denying our normal, human part instead, find a way to use it to create the best in your life and make it even better.

“Set your heart, your mind, your intellect, and your soul, even in the smallest detail. This is the secret to success. ”- Swami Sivananda

  1. Associate with the successful ones but ignore those you DON’T want to be like
    Think of someone in your life you do not want to be like. It can be an inexperienced parent. A stupid or lazy boss. Or an immoral leader of some sort. As long as this person produces a sense of shame and disgust, you get a good mark.

Do you have someone of your own? It’s perfect. The next time you find out that your parent is missing out on… or your post-work habits are lazy… or your management style is embarrassing… think about this person. Think about how offensive their actions might be and how you could “lower your own standards” to fit in with them.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll quickly find your actions change so you don’t have to.

This is actually a powerful motivator because it creates feelings AND action for you. And a combination like this will definitely move you to achieve your goals with the greatest success.

Remember that when it comes to motivation, the goal is NOT to feel good or motivated – to take action on your goals. That is the ONLY goal. Does the source of that motivation make you feel optimistic or anxious… does it really matter? Consequences the name of the game in life. And with these “dark” ways, I would expect your life to be more motivated and more successful because of it.





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