Small Stories

Pizza story


Wife: Don’t put on so many laundry today
Husband: Why?
She said: The maid said she would not come
for two days
Husband: Why?
Wife: He said he would meet her
grandson during the ceremony
Husband: All right, you can’t wear too many clothes
Wife: Also, will I give her Rs. 500 Festival? Celebration bonus?
Husband: Why? another festival is approaching, we
you will give it to him immediately.
Wife: Oh no dear. She is suffering. Go to
among his daughter and granddaughter, so
she too will feel good. Plus, everything
it has become more expensive these days. How
will you be able to celebrate?
Husband: You! I don’t know why
they become emotionally vulnerable
Wife: Oh dear, don’t worry. I’ll go
cancel today’s Pizza ordering system.
Why explode unnecessarily Rs. 500 onwards
eight pieces of old bread.
Husband: Hawu. Great .Having Pizza
from us and giving the girl!


The girl returned three days later and was busy
in cooling and dusting. The husband asked her
Husband: So what was the holiday like?
Maid: she is very beautiful sahib .. Didi had given Rs
500 .. festival bonus.
Husband: So you went and met yours
daughter? and meet your
Maid: yes sahib. You really enjoyed it and spent Rs
500 in two days time.
Husband: Really? All right, do it
by Rs. 500?
Maid: Rs. 150 in a grand robe,
Rs 40 per dollar, buy sweets that cost Rs 50
Daughter, Rs 50 as charity, Rs 60
bus fare…. Rs 25 for
daughter bangles, bought a beautiful belt
it costs Rs 50 for the groom, the balance of Rs 75
gave her daughter to buy a copy and a pencil
grandson. Girl has given a full account for
costs incurred
Husband: much to Rs 500?

To her surprise, she started thinking about eight
pieces of Pizza appeared in front of him
eyes and each of them acted as
the hammer began to strike him.
For the price of one Pizza, he started
by comparing her expenses with her maidservant
what happened during a visit to his daughter.
Eight pieces of Pizza floated in front of
his eyes. Each of them started beating
his conscience.


He started comparing the costs incurred
in buying one pizza with
expenses incurred by his maid in the ceremony
he exclaimed.
The first piece .. wear i
baby, second piece… about sweets ..
The third piece… about donating to a charity. The fourth piece… .go to the bus.
Fifth clip .. about the doll. Sixth piece
in relation to the bangles, the seventh piece ,, facing
the girdle of the bridegroom. Eight piece facing
copy and pencil.

So far she has only seen pizza from one person
angle. He turned and looked up again
see what it looks like from another
side. .. but today his maid showed him the file of
the other side of pizza….

Eight pieces of pizza showed him a file of
the real purpose of a moment i
which means “Spending all life” or “Life
money. ”




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