You Can’t Make It Success Without Going Into Your Motivational Sources


Sometimes life doesn’t work out as planned no matter what you do. You start each day with the best of intentions and expect to achieve success. However, this is not a Hallmark movie. There are many situations in your life that happen without your control. These unexpected moments ruin your good intentions. As leaders, we want to grow our business, develop our jobs, have better relationships, and build freedoms and limits to use our time to do whatever we want.

You have more feelings, hopes, and aspirations than any previous year at the beginning of any new year. You may have started your year with decisions, goals, and a control plan. Even with the best of plans and the most sincere intentions, things do not always turn out as expected. No doubt you will be tested for your determination.

Choosing Success
When you experience great frustration, you have to choose. You can decide that whatever you are dealing with is the hardest thing to deal with and throw in the towel. Or, you can take a different approach and decide on the best of experiences and learn the life lessons you are given. Everything that happens in life creates learning moments if you are willing to listen.


After you have taken care of your wounds and reunited, you will have to get up and go back to work. When faced with difficult times, you know that being cared for and committed to your goals is easier said than done. At any time after your recovery after experiencing what the defeat is like, you will need to go into your sources of motivation. You will need encouragement and remember why you started this journey to create success.

Without motivation, your emotions, your emotions, and your irrational fears will go into confusing beliefs that will hinder your progress. A small voice will assure you that there is no way to recover. Life often brings with it problems that are difficult to deal with. These situations can damage your motivation and determination to achieve your goals. It’s important to understand that motivation is always there when you know how to get into it.

“Change is self-improvement. Force yourself to places you have never been. ”- Pat Summitt

Flexible Motive
If you are going to create success and achieve your goals, you will need to know how to be motivated. What I’m talking about isn’t the green-green kind of motivation that makes you feel good, and then it hits you. I’m talking about hitting the coals that push your success train. This kind of motivation is more than just a feeling – with motivation and determination to get you through the situations that are trying to catch you.


You need resources to motivate you to get inspiration whenever you need it. We live in a time when the resources of motivation are all around us on various platforms and mediums. Leaders can be inspired by inspiring and informative podcasts, blogs, videos, books, and other people. The Internet and social media create a bubble that helps aspirants quickly find inspiration with free, available, and functional content.

You can find your favorite biography, inspirational quotes, book series, speaker videos, and more to use these sources to focus and refresh. Self-awareness is important in this situation because it helps you to know what motivates you. Your sources of motivation will be different than the next person. It could be music or watching Joel Brown’s video. It can be books or listening to a podcast.

To create a lasting motivation, you will need to know what sources of motivation are working for you and how to find them. When you experience relapses or moments of frustration, get instant inspiration.

Motivation can also be seen by people. Friends, family members, or other encouraging individuals seeking success can help you to move forward. You can join mastermind groups or other social groups.

Your best source of motivation is your great WHY and where you are going. It can grow a business, start a dream job, or build extraordinary relationships. You should know that success is not a thread. The journey to being your best version never ends.


Achieving success and creating good health should be your best source of encouragement. Let it give you the strength to move forward despite obstacles.

“Develop your mind with bigger thoughts, because you will never get higher than you think.” – Benjamin Disraeli

Stay Motivated
Once you have created your main sources of inspiration and know where to find them, commit to ultimately consistent motivation as part of your success process. Create space and room on your daily schedule to refresh. You can think of this as a time to improve yourself by emphasizing yourself – you take care of yourself. This is the time to prepare your mind, body and spirit.

Building a habit of staying motivated creates high performance that helps you do more in a focused way. It’s how you succeed in what you do because you use a strategy that others will not use. It takes a lot to be your best version. It takes a lot of energy to grow and put in the work. You will need support. You cannot do this without proper motive.

External circumstances and your emotions will overwhelm you without motivation. This can be a year full of realistic goals and dreams. Use your sources of motivation to get there.





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