5 ways to find a daily motivation in less likely places


When you are under scrutiny, the natural thing you want to do is find inspiration to refresh and re-start. But unlike computers or phones, do people not work that way… or do they work?

Think of it this way, human beings are natural resources for motivation, and we may not even realize it at all. Remember the last time you went to the store, chatted with a happy opposing girl, and a helpful young man in line, smiling out and feeling good, right? That’s because those people charge you with their good power.

The problem is that, like them, there are powerful forces that pull you down by your motives. After dealing with them, you feel empty, depressed, or downhearted. In that case, I would advise you to go to that store again, but that just doesn’t work.


Here are 5 impossible places to find your motivation dose:

  1. The air from within
    Where can you find the quickest inspiration without you? You are the ultimate source of encouragement. You don’t believe me? Try these tips.

Think of a reason why you feel down, and treat it as a challenge. Think of it as a game, and you need to beat your competition with any strategy you can think of and come out on top. Have you heard that power boost?

Next, go inside and think about why you feel you are a failure. Are you choosing a career? Incident of confronting your ex in an office meeting? A boss who always criticizes you? Take these issues one at a time, and make plans to deal with them.

Change your job if necessary, or give it your 200 percent. Avoid your ex-spouse or talk to them. Contact your supervisor by telling them how disappointed you are with their behavior, or continue to be criticized. The point is not to overreact but to resolve your concerns and pull them off.

Perhaps this feeling of inadequacy is caused by your fears. In order to do the right thing and get your inspiration back, you will have to deal with your fears directly. There is no way around it so you can face it as a challenge. There’s that word too, you know what to do now.

  1. Tune in to Ted Talks
    What if you have never been able to get inspiration from within, and you still feel frustrated? Ted talks are the best sources of encouragement.real people. Real experience. Real talk. You can’t get closer to a real dynamic than Ted Talks. From work to personal, emotional, academic etc. Each Ted Talk takes you on a speaker trip, forcing you to face their reality, and save the solution, which could be yours too.

One of my favorites is Adam Grant, “Are you a donor or a receiver?”. It gave me thoughts about what my life was all about and what I would like to change. One line that struck me and changed my life was: “If you are an actor, you are trying to keep the balance of giving and taking: quid pro quo – I will do something for you if you do something for me. And that seems like a safe way to live your life. But is it the most effective and productive way to live your life? ”

That’s just one Ted Talk. There are tons out there. The point is not what you look at but what you gather from their experience, wisdom, and the lessons they have brought.

  1. Soul Searching Talks
    While Ted Talks is all about your regular Joe, who you can get acquainted with and who you may be joining in your daily routine, conversations from successful people are something else entirely.

Speaking of gold nuggets from dynamite, successful tycoons have changed the world. They change the way we live and breathe.


And you know what else? They are power plants with great potential to give you the spark that is most needed to get out the lowest. When celebrities like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama were invited to deliver memorial speeches, they shared with you their world.

They tell us through wise decisions to solve complex problems. They share with us their problems, and how you can get out of them without hurting yourself. But most importantly, they tell us about their fears, challenges, and failures.

One of the most famous lectures, and my favorite, is Steve Jobs’ first talk at Stanford University. Tasks, which revolutionized home computing, mobile devices, and luxury tech, tell us that if we live each day as if it were the last, then there is nothing to fear. After all, fear is the reason we don’t do many things that can boost our motivation.

  1. Tap on Teaching
    People say that teaching is a high quality work but no one tells you about its motivating factor. Even if you are down, nothing can lighten your emotions as quickly as a student looking at you. You feel thousands of feet long.

You do not have to be a full-time teacher to feel encouraged. Help the person at work and teach him or her a skill. Teach your children what you know. And if you are single, teach your neighbor’s children.


When you teach someone, you are actually learning and discovering them. It gives you a new perspective and forces you to look at problems from a student’s perspective. Also, you may find a reason to feel downcast, or the pressure to carry on. When you can identify the problem, you will be able to find a solution.

  1. Negotiation Interest
    What do the people of New York, Larry King Live and Late Night and Jimmy Fallon have in common? You guessed it… conversations. Funny or critical, conversations are designed to expose the inner person of the interviewee, but I’m joking that you didn’t know that they also bring up the personality of the interviewer.

Communication forces you to put on the shoes of the interviewee, think like them, and understand their problems. What are some of the best lessons you can learn and to be inspired by real people who have ever lived and done that?

It just doesn’t mean you’re starting to catch any Tom, Dick or Harry negotiating with him. Get an angle, get permission and be the focus of your conversations. Maybe you want to find out where people are going to get inspiration, or to inspire others. Or, ask people what they do when they get to the bottom, or at the top of their career.

You will be amazed at the reason, the humility of the experience and the feelings these people will share. Let their answers be your encouragement.





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