Stress kills you


Stress Awareness Day – a good time to check if your body has been expelling SOS messages with symptoms. If so, you can take these steps to control it!

Tim Hipgrave, a mental health professional, lists some of the symptoms that can indicate depression, even if you did not realize it. Also share what you can do to calm down.

Your appetite has increased or decreased

If there is one thing that is sure to damage your body even if it is brought about by the best intentions, stress. One of the reasons is that depressed people tend to be fast on time, and, if you are quick, unhealthy foods that are easily available are a good, quick solution.

“People who are depressed can lose their food in a short period of time. This is because a part of the brain called the hypothalamus produces a hormone that suppresses appetite, ”says Tim. “But people with long-term stress release cortisol, which increases your appetite – especially starchy sugary foods. This is where the term” pressure eating “comes from. “


You feel tired

“Depression affects your body, by releasing hormones into your bloodstream that speed up your heart rate and respiration,” explains Tim.

“This type of system can have a stressful effect, leaving you feeling tired all the time.”

In addition, stress can make it difficult to get enough sleep because it activates the part of the brain responsible for the law of waking up.

You have lost your libido

You may have noticed that sex is the last thing you like. “For sexual desire to work properly, your nervous system and your hormonal balance need to be adjusted,” says Tim. “When you are stressed, your body releases hormones that disrupt this balance and can lead to a decrease in your libido.”

You feel nervous


There is something else wrong with these stress-relieving hormones: a heart attack, accompanied by shortness of breath, can lead to feelings of anxiety, or panic attacks. Tim explains: “You might as well breathe as you struggle to breathe.” Breathing can usually be relieved by getting out of the situation and by trying to breathe slowly. “

You get sick easily

Stress has real effects on our whole life, as it suppresses the immune system. Therefore, if you find that you catch the flu easily, or you can get rid of it, it may be because you have a weakened immune system. “When we are under stress, we release cortisol into our bloodstream, which blocks essential hormones, so our immune system can begin to suffer,” says Tim.

You can do this to relieve stress

Never suffer in peace. Talk to your doctor to discuss options, and be sure to let your loved one know that you have a problem. In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to take care of yourself.

Rest “Rest is as important as exercise, because sleep gives the body a chance to rejuvenate,” explains Tim. “Without it, we feel less productive, have lower energy levels and lower levels of concentration.”

Try to get between seven and eight hours of sleep a night, and reduce caffeine and alcohol, as it is known to increase stress hormones in our body. These hormones interfere with a person’s sleep rate and reduce his ability to recover.


Brain Games Challenges yourself mentally can have an amazing effect on your levels of optimism. “Exercising our brain stimulates the growth of new cells, keeps our brains healthy,” Tim said. “Refreshing our brains with activities like puzzles and crosswords or learning a new hobby or skill can also help strengthen the mind.”

Contemplation “Depression and anxiety are often the result of focusing too much on the past, or worrying about the future – beyond our control,” explains Tim. “By using techniques such as meditation and breathing, we can help control our emotions in a more efficient way and also feel our strength.”

Your local library should carry a beginner’s guide to thinking, or you can try downloading the meditation app to learn the basics.

Find a balance in your life. Maintaining a good balance of slogan and rest period is essential to keeping stress levels under control.

“When we make time for ourselves and do things that we love, we are very successful in every aspect of our lives,” says Tim. “It’s important to take regular breaks from daily grinding, or run away from your noisy husband.”

“Taking a break from work also helps to add another stress factor: exercise. Moderate and regular exercise will reduce stress hormones and promote the release of mood-enhancing hormones, helping to reduce your nervous system instability. “





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