Robin Sharma: The 10 Most Important Rules for Success!


How is success measured? Is it simply a matter of money, or can personal progress and success be viewed as a success? Each of us has our own definition of the essence of success, but it doesn’t matter how we define it when most of us still struggle to achieve it and sometimes find ourselves completely lost.

To get out of the dust and get back on our path to success, we sometimes need to be led by people who have gone through a journey like ours and can help. Spiritual writer and counselor Robin Sharma is an excellent example of someone who took many paths, and his approach and patience made him successful in them in an encouraging way. His 10 tips for success will surely help you succeed in life.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Many spiritual teachers in modern times, Robin Sharma went on to live a unique life until he received the title. Born to Indian parents in Canada, Robin wanted to succeed in his career, so he graduated with two law degrees, after which he became a lawyer. In time, Robin’s career did not satisfy his spiritual need, and he decided to change his lifestyle and began writing. His writing led to one of the most successful spiritual books in recent years – “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.”


In the book, Robin describes the life of a lawyer who once had a heart attack in court, a problem that led him to seek meaning in life and to reveal secrets that most of us do not understand. The book’s success was short-lived, for Robin successfully blended spiritual values ​​from the East with Western and modern successes – a combination of many people associated with it. Today Robin continues his work as a writer and teaches many people how to achieve the success they desire anywhere.

10 Ruins of Robin Sharma Success

Finding a balance between spirituality and materialism led Robin to formulate a series of successes that inspired his own experience and the people he loved and valued. The following ten principles will inspire you in terms of life and its purpose and will help you to achieve success as you describe it, and this is the secret of their magic:

  1. Use your ideas

Our world is full of people with different ideas and knowledge gained over the years, but this is where their success often ends. A head full of knowledge and ideas is important, but it is worthless if it is not used and used, as we see them in our imagination. Don’t be one of those people who lives at home with a lot of useless information, and you feel frustrated that they are not going to the success they have described for themselves. Instead, be the ones who stand up on the couch and do their best to apply their ideas and share what they have learned.

  1. Have as many goals as you can

“The biggest danger most of us have is not to set our goals too high and achieve them; but to set our goals too low, and achieve our goal,” Michelangelo said. Robin Sharma uses this powerful phrase to show that there are many people who take care to intervene and do not try to achieve goals that seem too high and too far away. This may be due to fears of failure and failure to reach a goal, but think about it: If you set big goals and reach them, even if they are less likely to succeed, are you not worth the effort? Experience will certainly teach you personal things. That little trip you will take will be a success in itself.

  1. Write your plan on one piece of paper

Sharma recommends writing down your plans and your goal of success on one page of paper and looking at it every morning to give yourself some kind of visual motivation. When something is in front of you every morning, it is hard to ignore it, and if you see your goal in front of your eyes every day, it will be hard to ignore it. This simple approach can work wonders with the excuses we tell ourselves so that we do nothing on the road to success because it creates a kind of daily reminder that we have something important that we wish for, which we have said before, it is very difficult to ignore!

  1. Be enthusiastic about your health

When we feel passionate about our lives, we often do not have the energy to try to achieve what we want. It’s important to clear the dark cloud over your head, look at everything you already have and see that you already have a lot of things to like. The appreciation you have will allow you to feel better about your life and achieve what you want with a smile on your face.

  1. Don’t forget nature

A dangerous condition for success is to forget about the people around us as soon as we breathe the air up. To prevent this from happening to you, try not always to do it alone, but also with the people around you who show your support. Our lives are short, and Sharma emphasizes the importance of serving others, not just us, because humanity and compassion are success in themselves, and it is important to always remember those around us.

  1. Acknowledge your failure

The word “failure” is misused when it comes to striving for success, and many people choose not to try at all rather than risk and fail along the way. Without this fear, we must remember that failure is an inseparable part of success, and you must not let it disappoint you. Fear of failure can stumble you more than anything else, so it is not wise to focus on small failures on the road to greater success.

  1. Focus on the goal you see in front of you

Robin Sharma advised to establish a “tunnel vision” on the road to success so that it can be achieved. When setting goals that you want to achieve, it is important that you focus on them and the person you want to be so as not to be distracted by distractions.

  1. Use the 20/20 20 formula

Laziness is a trait that most of us will not admit we have, but we should not allow it when we are trying to achieve a certain goal. Hard work is the key to success in life, and as a result, you will have to give one hour every morning. You can get up early, or plan your day in a way that allows you to do so. Once you have chosen an hour to plant, you should divide it into three parts for 20 minutes.

For the first 20 minutes you will need to dedicate it to exercise that will increase your heart rate and make you more alert. In addition to these benefits, exercise will also release hormones that will make you feel stronger, more focused, and happier, which will help you to achieve your goals. Take the next 20 minutes to plan what you should do when you go to success. For example, you could create a quarterly plan for the next three months, and record and adjust daily what you need to do in the coming days.

The last 20 minutes should be devoted to learning the things you love, and the world of success. You can do this by reading the history of successful people, reading the newspaper and keeping up with the news of the day, or anything else that will give you more information than you had yesterday.

  1. Understand the importance of small winnings and success

When you are striving for success, there is no such thing as a very small success, because every step you take in moving forward is focused on your goal. Therefore, it is important not to underestimate the small daily successes you achieve, but to take a few moments to express enthusiasm and happiness for what you have achieved and what you have now but not yesterday. Celebrate your great and small achievements, and realize that every little step you take is more meaningful than their short-term size.

  1. Stop making excuses
    “Victims make excuses. Leaders bring results” Sharma says of the excuses most of us tell ourselves and others who are on the road to achieving our goals and success. According to Rubin, excuses do not work for us, nor do our goals and certainly do not help us achieve the success we aspire to. It’s easy to tell ourselves to give up and do nothing, but over time, the fact that we didn’t try to do what we really wanted made it harder for us. So, excuses will bring you temporary relief, but in the long run they will be the hardest thing for you, and there is no point in them, only in efforts, failure in ultimately success.




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