7 Higher Powers You Should Take To Be Successful In Life


Each of us wants a sign of high happiness, peace of mind, moral character and success in life but most of us do not strive to achieve these goals. For those of us who fight for the cause, very few are able to make things happen. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is the difference between the level of Inner Power both the sectors have in their brain and the level of Power they create to achieve what they want to achieve. In my view, the inner strength consists of following the seven stages and the intellectuals who have all of these brain tissues can achieve great success in many areas of life:

1- Focus Power:
There is a story that during the shooting of the birds, the teacher asked each shooter what to look for. One of the nominees said, I was looking at a flock of birds, another said, I was looking at a tree where the birds were going to live but another shooter said I was looking at the eyes of one of the flying birds! This is the power of focus I want to draw you to. Focusing means putting all your energy into one goal and not allowing any obstacles to distract you. Remember, you see problems when you move your eyes away from your target. Do not allow your mind to be distracted from your purpose. Don’t let dirty thoughts ruin your plans. Remember, the key to growth is not to allow the seeds of negligence to nourish your brain. Use the Zoom-In and Zoom-Out tool to strengthen your concentration.


2- Power of Vision:
A fast horse that is going straight to the wrong place will not get where it is going. Instead it will also create a misleading effect on its fans as well. Building a Power of Vision starts with your thinking style, awareness of your field, your cognitive skills and your greatness to think about the future.

A) Your thoughts are the seed of your character because thoughts breed actions that become your habits and build your personality and consequently your future. Enabling your thinking process involves distancing yourself from negative thoughts, trying to be part of the solution instead of having less criticism and more hope.

B) Awareness: Empowering your level of awareness involves reading a lot, meeting powerful people, watching relevant documentaries and watching people in the industry. Make it a practice to read the major magazines and watch the news daily to improve your perspective.

Once you have developed the Power of Vision, your levels of understanding will be as deep as the ocean; your thoughts will fly as high as the sky, and your thoughts will cling to the rocks.


3- Current Power:

People make plans people forget the plans people fail. Why? They do not release. They continue to think and wait for the ‘right’ time to start their plans. This ‘right’ moment does not come if they continue to wait. The right time now. A great way to make your dreams come true is to get up and do something. It is understandable that planning is important. However, if you continue to waste your time in the name of editing, you will end up as a failed chapter. Divide the big target into smaller tasks and start doing one by one from today. Don’t waste your time as your idea may be initiated by someone else. You may have more difficult situations with more problems tomorrow. You may be carrying more responsibilities so now is the time to do something. Now is the time to make a difference. Now is the time to make things happen. Remember, your thoughts will not help you if you do not use them. So take action now !!!

4- The Power of Good:

Successful people are wise. To develop this power you must protect yourself from Negativity. Remember, having hope gives you the freedom to look forward to the past rather than to the past. If you continue to wander in the past with negative thoughts you will not be able to pursue your goals. Specific people are part of the solution and not part of the problem. Willing people turn dangers into opportunities. They have a sense of gratitude. They believe in abilities and not in luck. If you want to build this power, try to stay away from bad souls, practice reading good books, join good pages on Facebook or Google Plus, read wise quotes and surround yourself with good people.


5- Mathematical Power:

Analysis helps in many ways, for example, reducing a major problem to smaller tasks, considering a problem from wider and higher angles, exploring options in terms of needs and wants, distinguishing between urgent and important tasks and finally working on the most important things. Whether you want to analyze big data at work, or want to buy a new set of mobile phones, Troubleshooting a technology problem or manage conflict in a family or workplace, analytics skills help you a lot. Read the full article Here

6- The Power of Adaptability:
Most people think otherwise; in fact, being flexible does not mean that you are weak in the sense that you have a strong personality that you care about and respect for differences in opinion. It has been said that “better to bend than to break” so the more flexible you are, the more you will be able to manage stress that will strengthen your thinking process. Keep your ego aside and listen to the opinion of others. Keep your mental doors open and flexible in changing your plans. Be flexible because sometimes a U-turn is good to take. Do not give up. Remember, God takes people to deep water not to immerse them but to cleanse them “.


7- The Power of ‘Implosiveness’:

Big people don’t explode at all. They have a mind and a heart. They are not sensitive and do not work naturally. When a traumatic event causes their anger, they analyze it using rational, emotional, and ethical reasoning and respond to improve the situation and not the other way around. So you have to believe in the fact that a working environment will reduce your friends and increase your enemies.

Empower your personality with these 7 great powers and get the perfect heights in life.

Remember, success is not a destination, a journey. On this trip, there are no escalators so you have to take the stairway passage. Which means you have to take it step by step to get to the top. If in doubt at any stage, simply take the next small step and notice the results. If all goes well, go ahead; If something goes wrong, take a step back and check your direction.





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