Secrets of a Happy Marriage


Unfortunately, not many high school or college classes teach us how to be successful in a long-term relationship. That is sad, for satisfying relationships can be very helpful in enjoying a happy and successful life.
There are many things you can do to strengthen your marriage and help keep it afloat until death do us part. If you want to get the most out of your marriage, it’s a good idea to learn some of these tips.
Researchers have shared some tips on how to strengthen and stabilize marriages:

  1. Have realistic expectations. It’s easy to do it in the early stages of a relationship when everything is new and exciting. But those annoying little habits are not so good and attractive in the next decade. Relationships require work and energy to grow and prosper.
  2. Be nice when you say “I’m sorry.” Despite your best efforts, you will still make mistakes in your marriage. Studies have shown that people who are slow to apologize are more likely to remain unmarried or divorced.
    Sometimes you have to decide whether you would like to fix it or be happy. Be sure enough to say sorry and move on.
  3. It is okay to argue in a respectful way. The presence of conflict in a relationship does not affect their success as much as how couples argue. One psychologist says that the 95% success rate for predicting the outcome of a relationship is five minutes!
    The four factors that make a difference when arguing are: contempt, self-defense, criticism, and withdrawal. Avoid such conduct, and your marriage may succeed.
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  4. Laugh together. Remember the good times you shared. Talk about them and remember them. Memories of happy times help keep couples together.
    Consider creating new and exciting memories and remind your partner of the good times you already enjoyed. Laughing together strengthens your marriage!
  5. You need five good times for each bad. Studies have shown that marriages require at least five positive interactions with each other. What is good communication? A nice afternoon, upbuilding conversation, or a good hug. You know what a bad meeting is.
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  6. You can complain, but avoid criticism. If your partner’s behavior bothers you, it’s okay to point out and ask them to stop. However, avoid attacking your partner. You might say, “It’s crazy when you throw your dirty socks down.” But avoid saying, “You’re such a slob. What’s your problem?”
    Most people would agree that they are probably doing something that is bothering them. However, that is different from the attack itself.
    A happy marriage is important for you and your children. There are times when we all have to put our needs aside and do our best to strengthen our relationship. These tips will help you to work happily together as you give your marriage time and attention.




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