How can you think for sure when everything is going wrong?


Trying to maintain a positive attitude when you are grieving or experiencing some serious stress may seem impossible. In these cases, it is important to remove the pressure on you to get the silver lining. Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life.

Positive thinking is not just a matter of burying one’s negative thoughts or feelings or of avoiding difficult ones. The lowest points in our lives are usually the ones that motivate us to move forward and make positive changes.

At such times, try to see yourself as a good friend who needs comfort and sound advice. What would you say to her? You might acknowledge his feelings and remind him that you have a right to feel sad or angry about his situation, and then offer support with a gentle reminder that things will work out.

The negative effects of negative thinking
Negative thoughts and feelings that can accompany you, such as despair, stress, and anger, can cause some physical symptoms and increase your risk of illness and short-term health.


Stress and other negative emotions trigger a number of processes in our body, including the release of stress hormones, metabolism, and physical activity. Long periods of stress increase inflammation in your body, which in turn has contributed to numbers or serious illnesses.

Some of the symptoms of depression include:

Physical pain
difficulty sleeping
Criticism, pressure, anger and hostility have been linked to the high risk of:

Heart disease
heart disease
When can you seek medical help?
If you feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts and have trouble controlling your emotions, see a doctor. You can benefit from medical help, such as good mental health or therapy. Persistent negative thoughts can be caused by a condition under which a mental illness needs treatment.


Take away
You will not be able to postpone the years of despair and negative thoughts overnight, but with some practice, you can learn how to take things in stride.




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