Increase Your Chances of Future Success


You can effectively make vowel sounds, especially A, E, I, O, and U sounds, where the voice path is not blocked. That’s what I want to help you do with your work: pave the way to success. Whether you’re under the totem pole or you’ve reached the field in your current role, using A-E-I-O-U to succeed in your daily work life will increase your chances of growing professionally.

A is for Ask
Ask if there is anything else you can help with. Ask how you are doing on a project or project. Request inclusion in the meeting. Ask for more training. Your supervisors will not know that you are hungry for growth and are interested in getting more involved unless you ask to be so. Even if you have decided that this is not a particular company you want to be with for a long time, being more involved and learning all you can while you are there will increase your knowledge and ability to manage similar tasks or situations in future roles.

“Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.” – Tony Robbins


Extend E
Too often, competing industries expect their employees to “go the extra mile” to be considered competent. To really stand out, you have to stretch beyond your expectations. Don’t just finish the job in front of you, get out of your way to make sure you’re done better than anyone else around you could. Do a background study. Understand more than you think you need to do. Leave a little doubt in the minds of your subordinates and managers that you are able to do the job efficiently and effectively. Once people have figured out how far you can go, everyone will get there.

I am the first
Take action! If you see a need that is not met, go meet it or introduce it to someone who knows you. Too many people at work are waiting for their turn, but you will not get ahead if you do not take action. Do things without being asked – even small things. If you see trash on the ground in the workplace, take it out and throw it away. Those small physical actions have an impact on those who pay attention.

Taking action requires a thorough understanding of your role and how it fits into the larger picture. If you are unsure where your boundaries are and how much you are allowed to go with them, look back at the letter “A” – ask. Your supervisor will be pleased that you are showing interest.


O for Offer
Make yourself available when needed. Do not discriminate between work-related projects. Be open to every opportunity, not just the opportunities you suspect to be successful or good. When there is an opportunity to arrive early and help set up a work event – jump into it! Making yourself available to look less attractive, in addition to the fun ones, shows your determination to grow and your commitment to the company.

Remember it all creates an experience. Small projects often teach skills that will help or provide insight into large projects down the road. If your hand is the last one to shoot to surrender, eventually the managers will just start looking at you when they need someone to lead.

U is for renewal
Keep your managers informed. Newbies for employees are often advised to communicate over time in order to effectively perform tasks and work effectively within a team or office environment, but high communication is equally important. Review management for your achievements, don’t make them guess. If there are any statistics on a project you are proud of, send your quick response to your manager: “I thought you’d like to know if Project A has been successful in getting more sales team sales!” That simple review lets them know how you handle the task at hand and keep your progress in mind. Letting managers know about your progress builds their confidence in you as an employee and reminds them how well you are doing in the job.

“Spend eight percent of your time focusing on future opportunities rather than yesterday’s problems.” – Brian Tracy


And sometimes Y, too
Y is yours! Don’t be afraid to be friendly and to show some personality. People want to be able to communicate with their daily colleagues. Get out of your underwear and establish a presence in the office. Be human and start casual conversations in a cool water environment. By letting your coworkers know you, and making an effort to get to know them, you become more than just a “Bob sitting in the corner,” becoming a loyal partner. The people who work alongside you can be one of your great resources, unused for career growth and learning more about your business. Go and sit next to them at a restaurant you know – working together makes a dream come true!

Vowels are the pillars on which the English language rests. When you enter the letter “y,” all English words contain at least one vowel. They are varied; their function changes depending on both their and other characters and depending on the context in which they are used. If you delete all the vowels, of all the words in this text, you may be able to understand them, but it may take you at least twice. Similar to the presence of a vowel in the name, the use of the A-E-I-O-U pillars will clarify your purpose in the work and move you quickly there, down the road to success in your career.





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