How to be strong in difficult times


When I was in 12th grade, my older sister, a professional teacher, sent me a striped postcard. “Do not be afraid of problems. Meet them, greet them, treat them and you will surely overcome them.” a harder life than a teacher. Because the teacher teaches first and then takes the test and life puts us to the test and then teaches the lesson. These studies stem from different tastes (especially the bitter J) due to unavoidable circumstances such as financial problems, marital problems, conflicts over different opinions, risks and mistakes made by us. In such cases the following points may be considered for consideration:

1- Admit that you have a situation that you need to deal with to make amends. Yes, this is very important. I know a lot of people, trying to convince themselves that nothing is wrong, but the pressure continues to build behind their heads. As a result,
depression erupts suddenly leading to extreme consequences. So the most important thing is to tell yourself that you should fix the problem, instead of ignoring it.
2- Think if the problem is something you should really be worried about? Ask yourself, ‘Would it affect you if I did not speak up? If not, just ignore it and enjoy it. However, if your brain thinks about the problem over and over again then look at point 1
3- Choose your attitude… Consider how wow.
4- Imagine if there are other people with the same problem. If so, check how they deal with the situation. Search online, visit online response services like yahoo or wikihow.
5- Think about how you can sort the problem into smaller problems and fix each problem individually. Mina
6- Remember, if we can’t laugh over and over again with the same joke, you shouldn’t worry about the same thing over and over again. Control your thoughts.
7- Don’t let people make your life miserable. No one is in control of your happiness unless you ignore negative comments and suggestions.

Corollary: A wise person is one who learns from the mistakes of others. If you really want to be strong, you need to develop strong monitoring skills. You need to study carefully how people react in stressful situations. So keep an eye out and keep learning new horizons of internal power for the losses that happen to others.
In the end, don’t give up. Successful people who hope to find solutions to almost every kind of situation. So it is your choice to be successful or to be a failure!





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