Remember, Going Back Sets Your Return


Obstacles can be avoided. However, that does not make it easy to accept or experience the pain or frustration that we sometimes experience. In many ways, the year 2020 was a turning point for many of us. Dreams, the plans we had, the goals we wanted to achieve, all may have been postponed or delayed more or less.

The biggest challenge is to find the desire and will to move forward again, especially when going backwards can create a voice of despair within us that, “what’s the use?” or “why bother trying?” It is the same word that suggests that we are now far away, rather than closer to our goals. Passing that word is important.

“To get back, you have to have a problem.” – Mr.

We are hurt and disappointed by something that did not happen or did not work out the way we had planned or expected. However, there are steps we can take to make our return now. These steps can lift us out of our pain and set us on a path to our goals and dreams.

The first step forward is to take the small and slow steps that begin to push us forward and move forward with each step, from any disappointments or challenges we have gone through.


Here are four tips to help me start moving forward and beyond the obstacles:

  1. Write About It and Build a Vision Board
    Writing is a great way to get out of any frustration, disappointment or anger you may feel in life. Sounds great to release all that on the page and how to start freeing yourself from it. However, after shedding that frustration on the page, the next inevitable question is, “What’s next?” and to me that seems to have come naturally as part of the publishing process. It’s an exciting place to be because our perception naturally begins to change on its own. Journaling allows you to start thinking about this question and start thinking about those first steps to making meaningful progress again.

After publishing, creating a beautifully illustrated viewing board is also a great way to be inspired again. There are many great pictures in magazines or on the web that you can print and paste on a piece of postboard. Collect pictures that magnify you and show you the next chapter or experience in your life that you want to have. It is good to have something desirable in front of you and to represent yourself, where you move each day.

The vision board can help keep our standards high and keep us focused on what we want, rather than focusing on the past.

  1. Start Exercising
    Exercise helps us to regain a sense of accomplishment in our lives. It helps us to control our course as well. It goes from the mind into the body. Endorphin release and concentration changes make for something powerful. Suddenly we think less of the challenges that have arisen, but instead we have shifted our focus from doing something right to the present positive and evolving moment. Great ideas often come when we are relaxed or do something that does not involve focusing on the problem or frustration that has occurred. Exercise makes us feel better, restores control and helps to create an attitude that we can use to help ourselves move forward. It is a small and progressive step that can bring about positive changes both physically and emotionally.

“I think that whether you have obstacles or not, the role of a leader is to show a winning spirit at all times.” – Colin Powell

  1. Answer Only Followers
    Our time and energy are precious. Give back to those who give to you in some way. We don’t need to use our resources to argue or respond to haters who are not in our corner anyway. It is not as if we could persuade them to change their minds suddenly about us. We do not respond to those who hate us, but we can respond to those who are on our side, who support us and who continue to add value to our lives. A group of fans is a group of people who support or appreciate the work of a celebrity, athlete, artist, actor etc. Celebrities often offer private VIP concerts and games designed for those who are members of their fan groups. We too can use our power to share our ideas, inspiration and responses with those we know are in our corner in the same way.
  2. Start Small But Make It New Different
    Modern passenger ships are made of pre-assembled blocks and then assembled to form a larger vessel. We can do the same by making a small effort to work on something new and different and moving us where we now want to go into our lives after a setback or disappointment. We don’t have to build the whole ship at once to talk and get frustrated with the size of the project or what we now want to do differently in our lives.

We can just pick up one new thing and start working on that little matching block in our lives. Eventually all those blocks can be combined to create something new, completely different and beautiful in our lives. Somehow, going back now has led us to this new path and we can start on it with one small action, kind of building at a time.

Writing about our frustrations, but then asking specific and moving questions in the bloodstream, we build a board to see, use, use only our energy to answer those who empower us, and small beginnings of new and different are all small steps we can take to get started successfully away from any obstacles we encounter with them.In a sense, going back may be an event that will keep us moving forward in a new, brighter and brighter way than we had expected.





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