Ways to Recognize Unexplained Anxiety


Right now, are you worried? If not, are you 100% sure?

Are your muscles relaxed or strong? Is your jaw tied? Are your shoulders raised?

You can worry without knowing it.

If you suffer from anxiety, you can tighten your muscles, usually those in your legs, shoulders, neck, or jaw. The more you do it, the deeper it gets to know you, like any repetitive behavior.

People with severe anxiety are usually aware of it because of common symptoms. More and more people, however, have a lingering and hidden anxiety that is almost just below their silent thinking that consumes their enjoyment of life.

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Allow Your Task List to Take Time
At this moment, I know I need to respond to a lot of emails that I should have already responded to. And that’s just the ice point of everything in my mind.

While meditation is a recommended way to relax, I find this to be a great place to start. Just give yourself a few minutes. A few minutes without obligation. A few minutes of true peace.

In these few minutes, you can think of something good in your life. You may be surprised at how much life there is, and how cool technology is. You can think of anything but the things you need to do.

We will always, 100% of the time, have things to do and things to do. No one wins the list of things to do, because we can create new things much faster than we can complete. That means, for most people who love that idea of ​​finishing, we always feel like we haven’t done enough.


Leave it for a moment. Allow emptiness at 100% current. The fact is that our functions of coping with stress are actually our brain that cries out for a break. When you are constantly under pressure to do things, your brain will find ways to rebel. You may postpone it as a form of forced rest, but it will not be all that satisfactory.

So, you have to do XYZ. Maybe even today. But not this moment. While that may sound like a postponement, it will actually slow down your retreat. Take a few minutes to collect yourself and relax, and you will be given the opportunity to play.

Focus on What Is There, Not What It Should Be or What It May Be
We all have dreams for the future. That’s great! But it can be stressful because it highlights the gap between who you are and what you want to be. It can easily turn into dissatisfaction with the hedonic treadmill I was talking about last week.

If you focus on what is right, you can let “I need this to be happy” thinking and wanting what you have right now. You can enjoy the sounds, the smells, the sights, and the beauty. There are times when we “live in our heads” when it comes to planning, but most of our time is best spent right now where we can find and enjoy the things life can offer.


There are a lot of people who “have everything” and seem to be unhappy about nothing. An improved perspective is valuable, and it can greatly reduce your tension.

I won’t go into too much detail here, just because I feel like meditation is overshadowed by everyone as the most important thing that ever happened. And in fact, it’s very good. It is very comfortable and has some nice benefits.

Focus on your breathing. Including the above view.

Like meditation, exercise is heavily covered. I talk about it a lot. It’s really important.

My cat was crazy a few minutes ago. Then I pulled out his favorite toy. He chased me around the house, jumping up and down on his blue toy toy. Here’s what it looks like right now.

See? Physical activity releases energy and strength. Works for cats and humans!


I have added this to “comprehension techniques” because sleep quality and quantity are the way of most people. You have to prioritize getting it, and that’s why you should.

The worst anxiety I’ve ever experienced and the most sleep deprivation I’ve ever had. That is not strange. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America states,

“Anxiety causes sleep problems, and new research shows that sleep deprivation can cause anxiety. Studies also show that certain types of sleep disorders are found in almost all mental illnesses. Studies also show that people with chronic insomnia have a higher risk of developing anxiety disorders. ”(Source)

If you do not get enough sleep, your anxiety will be more than normal and it may remain chronic. It’s that simple. Getting enough sleep is important!

Conclusion and Recap
While relaxing, check the muscles in your jaw, shoulders, and legs for tension. If you have an argument in any of these, you have a certain amount of anxiety (ignorance) that exists. Well if you do… most of us probably have some concerns.

If you have a persistent problem, it will not fix it. Aside from luxury options such as spa getaways, massage, or depressant tanks (which I highly recommend if you have a common anxiety disorder), there are a few free and easy ways to pinpoint those underlying issues.


Release all ties for a moment
Enter the current moment and enjoy it
Simple list. Simple strategies. It works very well. The biggest challenge is knowing if you have a problem, which you hope this article has helped you find (or not). We can live for many years in disagreement believing it is normal! Only then can you reduce the constant, hidden anxiety you see in the truth and the power of life.




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