I Shall Be Happy If …


I’ll Be Happy If …
“I’ll be happy if “, or “I’ll be happy if “. Will you be completely satisfied after your situation has been resolved?

Are you happy? If not, what do you feel you need to be happy about? happiness is a state. Also, you have the ability to access that province at any time you choose.

If you can find happiness wherever you want you can change your life dramatically for the better and forever. Your brain processes details and patterns of thinking grow into endless.

Most people will think long and hard about changing from their normal behavior. The concept of ‘knowing’ always accomplishes its purpose of keeping everything the same. In doing so, it supports the continuation of your current beliefs and everything remains the same. If you believe you need something, do something, or be something fun, you will be right.

No matter what happens around you, the ‘know’ concept will find ways to support your belief that you can be happy now. you have to make the right decision to change the way you think – not just thinking, but body language, body language, emotions, feelings. the mind “rotates” and “runs”. He teaches the mind to control such emotions in order to be positive.


These are words like; should not, should not, should not, should not, should, should not, etc. These terms express a need, potential (or lack), belief, or information that does not apply to the truth; it is not true of themselves. When we commit ourselves to “should” do something, we feel compelled without choice.

When one fully realizes that they have options and choices, then they live a very happy life. Once a person has learned this he is already happy and can learn to be happy for no reason. be something, do something, or have something to be happy about. Now you are free to look like a 4-year-old. They are just happy. When their friend hurts them, they cry and, five minutes later, go back and play as if nothing had happened. They have unlimited curiosity and are happy and appreciate small things.

The good thing is that you can have it by reminding your thoughts and thought patterns.





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