The Secret of Change


“The secret to change is to focus on all your strengths, not on the old ones, but on the new ones.” – Dan Millman
Stop fighting. It shouldn’t. Yes, I’m talking about change. The “power” of life, which is by nature, never ceases to come to us. I write a lot, we all read a lot and the internet is full of articles about “health studies.” Because so many of us read this way. We learn from the experiences of others and from what we experience.
We make sense of our world in the way we handle change. How we change.
So, why are so many of us fighting for change? Why not concentrate and concentrate on the new and far-reaching innovations, as the above epigraph suggests? Simply put:

Change is hard.
Not all changes are necessary, however we must be willing to accept the change as it comes, review it and decide if it applies to us. In order to be influenced and encouraged to continue growing, we must be open to change. We need to be open-minded about new ideas and ideas. This does not mean that sometimes, staying where we are or holding our land is wrong.
Not at all. It depends on the circumstances and the information close to you.

Awareness, Thinking, Analysis
“Progress is not possible without change, and those who can change their minds will not change anything.” – George Bernard

Life demands that we live by awareness of nature, creative thinking and critical thinking. Situation awareness helps us prepare, respond and decide on the various processes, choices and decisions we need to make. The thought of art helps us to think boldly and beautifully. The analytical mind serves as a center for the processing of our information, enabling us to make informed decisions.

For example, we can train our minds and emotions in the way we need to improve. That house we thought we were going to buy? Oops, we were already priced at $ 10K competing with him. Time to meet and decide our next course of action. It could involve a different type of housing or a new location that we may be willing to open. We will have to analyze and process all that data as it comes.


We all know people who have lived their whole lives in one city. Or he worked for the same employer all his work. Change is not limited to where you live or work. Change is life. Changes are graphs and concepts of how we think, how we manage expectations and decisions, and how we prepare for our future.
Think about it – would you change the way you make decisions if you knew that anticipation and a sense of change could have a positive impact on your future outcomes? Chances are, if you worked on this framework, I’m willing to bet you wouldn’t. However most of us have myopic ways of thinking and focus only on short-term benefits.

Here’s the problem with this:
When we do not have a long-term plan or plan, we lose the necessary high-quality perspective that helps us analyze and present our issues with the right perspective. It is easier in the short term to think only about moving forward. Then we fail to ask why or think of strategies. It all becomes strategic.
So when we definitely make a “wrong turn” or need to change direction, it becomes more and more difficult because we do not have a big picture of why things went wrong and how to fix the situation. Short-term thinking and strategies are always important. But if it doesn’t match the view of the big picture that can see the change, we’re in trouble.

Moving on
For the past 20 months, I’ve made some major decisions about my life. I left New York, my hometown, and moved with my family to Atlanta. I came to ATL with a good job, and I really hope that my ambitions and craftsmanship will overcome the grief of leaving family, friends and my neighborhood behind. A few months after my arrival, I realized that my choice of career was inadequate.


I struggled to adjust to my new surroundings. Uh oh. Now?
I did not give up. I did not stop. I was determined to make a big change where I lived and worked, so I was determined to change my way of thinking and make myself what I really wanted to be. I hit the reset button. I quit my job and started my own training business. I have been a very active writer here at Medium.
I began to think seriously about what I really wanted in life and why. I organized things and increased my product and efficiency. I will soon be publishing my first book. I could not predict any of these things, yet I encouraged myself to accept all the changes and continue to follow my heart’s dreams.
Guess what? I’m going… and again! In a few weeks, I will be calling Charleston, South Carolina home. Another trip to a bold, new future that I believe will be good for me and my family.

Go ahead
Where are you going? Where have you been? What has changed in your life? I urge you to continue and not hold back from who, what, when, where and why it is no more. Activity done. All that matters is what is to come and how it will crush you and live a full life.

Keep going in all areas of your life and do not let anything slow you down. Life will change. What you think your future may be like may not work as well as you thought it would. You have to move on. You cannot doubt or wonder why things have changed. As former President John F. Kennedy once said:
“Change is the law of health. And those who only look to the past or the present will surely lose the future. ”
Life will change many times over and over again and you should be determined to achieve it with a positive outlook and an open mind. Look back and love the people and things that came before. And keep adding energy in the future with gusto and verve. Life is full of rewards for those of us who live boldly with confidence and anticipation.
The secret to change is to keep going.
Live With Boldness!





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