The Secret to Change, Growth, and Success


In one way or another, we all want to change. We want to see growth in our lives and continue to improve. I talk a lot about change and the importance of continuing to want to grow in your life, but one question people often ask is, How? Once you have decided that you need to change and know what changes you need to make, how do you go about making those changes happen?
It is one thing to want to change, and it is quite another to pursue it diligently. It takes patience, and you have to put in the work if you want it.
So, how do we start to change?
The first step is not really what you should do. It is not an action you should take. Separating yourself from your thoughts and your understanding that they are not your thoughts. You were there before your thoughts became, and they are nothing but the result of your previous state. The person you are today, and the thoughts you have are the result of all your past experiences.
To change, you need to get rid of your thoughts and stop associating with them. We do not change because we are addicted to the person we are now, and this is because we are addicted to our thoughts. To change who you are, you must first change your mind about who you are.
The thoughts you have are now commonplace. The same thoughts that trouble you every day have become a habit. By default, you remember the past over and over again because 90% of your thoughts are the same thoughts you had yesterday, leading us to do something that is said every day.
No wonder you can change… you can’t escape thoughts.
This means that your first step is to clear yourself of your thoughts and see the reality of your thoughts. Understand that you are not.

Create a space and a space between your presence and your thoughts.
The more you bring this practice into your life, the sooner you can begin to change.
The challenge is when you go through your life; when you go to work, go to the gym, pick up the kids, etc. All of these events can create a pattern of the past, and then return to our thoughts and habits that we repeat on a daily basis.
Acknowledge these moments and make space. The more space you make in a crisis, the faster you will grow.
The organization has done a good job of depriving us of our presence, as we strive to “keep up with the Kardashians.” We buy things we don’t need to entertain strangers, and all of this plays into the nature of your current personality. Your nature shapes the person you are.

The second step is to adapt to changing your environment.
Start putting yourself in new places and have a new experience. Your thoughts and attitudes are created by your nature and your knowledge, so if you want to change this, you need to start building a new environment; one that keeps growing.
If your life is just a repetition and you do the same thing every day, how can you expect change? You just can’t.
As we move into 2020, I want you to familiarize yourself with these two steps. Enter a job and make a real change. Stop your past and focus on the person you are.
We have all heard the title, “New Year, You New Year.”

This year, make it a reality.
This is the year when we make a change, and it is not a new diet. It’s not about buying new additions, finding a new mentor, or spending money on anything. The changes you make are free, and only you can make them happen.
This can be the most difficult thing you will ever do. Losing your identity and creating new ones is not easy. It wasn’t easy for me, but let me tell you – it was worth it.
You do not have to be chained in the usual way. It is more than just your name, your labels, and your current identity.
Life is short. It is no secret that one day we will all die, and that day will come sooner than we would like. Do the work now to make the most of the time you have. Let me be truly happy, and I do not mean that the happiness that is brought in by a moment is a small success or a purchase that we have made. These are short-lived. I mean real happiness where your life is fulfilled.
Allow your life to flourish in order to find happiness and to live the life you deserve.





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