Proud of Being Too Busy


Do you know someone who always tells you how busy you are?

They have so much to do. They have too many meetings.

Maybe they are really busy. Maybe they work longer hours than others.

But, is all this busy translating into production?

Or is it a smoke screen, covering chaos or poor performance?

I’m So Busy!
When did bragging about being too busy become the badge of fame?

I have a lot to do.

I don’t have enough time.

I am very busy.

This is a common self-discipline for those who work long hours and often run from one thing to the next.


However, are these statements the result of hard work, or rather signs of disorder?

“If you work 80 hours a week, do you really manage your time?

Or are you unsuccessful in what you do? ”

I challenge those who work long hours to see what they are really accomplishing.

Often, these people are simply “spinning the wheel.”

They are guilty of self-harm in managing time.

They bring their own wars, and they have a greater conflict of health than others.

You are probably too busy
Hmm, you’re probably too busy.

All you need to do is ask, “Why are you so busy?”

Here are some of the main reasons why so many people are so busy:


Insufficient editing – Many editors. Instead, they forced their daily activities. This definitely makes the worker harder than smart.
You Don’t Know Their Responsibility – Some people don’t realize how many responsibilities they have. Do you know all your obligations? I recommend making a bond list.
Doing Things Wrong (Suggestion: Here are 10 Tips to Stop Doing Now… to Do More.)
Sharing – Others try to do everything for themselves. Or worse, they do other people’s work, more than their jobs. Do you trust your colleagues to do things?
Hold On to Their Tech Leash – Some let their technology use them instead of doing the other way around. Don’t let your professional leash run your life.
Problems They Create – Many people are guilty of creating their own problems in life. Problems with self-loading left undone create a lot of work.
Complaint – Complaining is actually just a hidden retreat. Complaining does not work, it wastes time. Do you spend more time complaining about work than you do?
How Busy Are You?
The next time you (or anyone else) says you are too busy… ask, “Why?”

Often, it is not a matter of not having enough time, but of how we use it.

We all have equal time.

Let’s just be careful how we use it.

Do you know anyone who brags about being too busy?





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