You Are More Powerful Than You Think


How strong are you?

That is a difficult question to answer, whether you are a man or a woman.

But, really, I want to ask … how do you define your power?

How do you know your limits? How do you know how much money you have?

When the push comes to push, we always find that we are much stronger than we think.

What Is Power?
Strength does not always remain pure physical strength. (That is often the case in our modern world.)

Rather, it is a matter of determination. Discipline. Call. It’s about the power of doing things.

I know some people who are mentally strong, but they do very little in their work. And I know some who find the work a great challenge, but they are able to move mountains by driving hard and working hard.


They have inner strength.

What’s even more interesting, is that these hard-working producers often don’t realize the burden. Not only do spectators wonder, but they often ask, “How are you doing?”

The answer often comes back, “I work harder than others.”

So why are some people able to do more? What gives them an extra drive? What gives them more power?

Could it be that they simply gave themselves permission to do more?

Setting Limits
What I have seen is that most people set their own boundaries. They limit their discharge based on self-imposed limitations of their skills and abilities. Sometimes these boundaries are based on past experience. Sometimes it is based on perceived skills. Sometimes these boundaries are not derived from others.

I can’t do that. (Why?)

That is beyond me. (How do you know?)

I can’t put in so much effort. (What would have happened if you had done that?)

I’m not smart enough to solve that. (Can you be sure if you don’t try?)

So, how do we get past these limits? How do we become stronger?


Pressing it…
Ironically, while we are talking about inner strength, one of the best places to see commitment limits is in the gym. I see people going through a series of physical exercises, but they are nowhere near as limited as they can be. They hovered a pile of dumbbells in the air, and wondered why they did not see the results. Many of them are likely to increase by 2X the amount of weight they use.

The same thing applies with everyday life. Most people go through the motions, but they are nowhere near their limits.

If you want to be strong, you have to push your limits.

Pressing it is what is needed to increase your limits. In the gym, bodybuilders long ago discovered this.

However, the same principle applies with equal force. Command and driving.

Want to check your limits? Push yourself. Examine your observations to see how accurate they are. Make sure your goals are above the reach of what you think can be achieved.

You Are More Powerful Than You Think
Many people despise their power.

As you progress through your day, challenge your capacity. Check your limits.

Push yourself, find your true boundaries and define your strengths.

When you find out how much you really get, you can be amazed at yourself.

What are your personal goals? What do you need to push? When did you realize that you had more power than you ever thought possible?





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