He Is Your Consequences – Powerful words


Do not blame anyone, never complain about the person or anything
Because you have basically done with your life what you wanted.
Accept the difficulty of building yourself up
And the importance of first fixing your character.
The victory of the true man comes from the ashes of his faults.
Never complain about your loneliness or your luck.
Face it courageously and accept it.
In a sense, they are the result of your own actions
It shows that you will always win.
You may feel frustrated with your mistakes, and don’t pass them on to anyone else.

Accept them now or you will continue to excuse yourself as a child.
Remember that any time is good to start
And there is no better time to give up.
Don’t forget the cause of your past,
As a reason your future will be present.
Learn from the brave, the strong,
From who does not accept the conditions
From who will live in spite of everything.
Think a little about your problems and overwork.
Learn to wake up from your pain,
And to be bigger than your biggest obstacle.
Look at your mirror and you will be relaxed and strong
And you will stop being a status doll.
Because you are the one destined for your future.
Get up and stare at the Sun in the morning and breathe in the morning Sun.
You are a part of the power of your life now,
Stand up, fight, walk, be confident and you will win in life.
Never think of ‘destiny’
Because the end is an excuse for failure.
Good luck




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