Small Stories

Story: Mosquito and Elephant


The mosquito saw the elephant crossing a
bridge and asked for a ride. Mosquitoes
he said, “Hello my partner! What if I sit on my buttocks
and I gave you the company when you cut
the bridge? “
The elephant says nothing.
The mosquito landed on the elephant’s back. He felt very proud of himself
can persuade an elephant to be a rider. As they see
crossing the bridge, the mosquitoes cried,
“Be careful brother, we are both very heavy, be sure
the bridge does not fall! “
The elephant says nothing.
As they crossed the bridge, the mosquitoes said,
“Look, how I have guided you safely!”
The elephant says nothing.
Finally, the mosquitoes landed on the elephant
I also roar, “Here’s my business card. If you need it
any help next time just call me on my cell phone. “The
the elephant thought he heard others whispering elsewhere.
But he dismissed this as a daydream again
search for…

Flash-1: You are an elephant with great qualities with full control in your life. No matter what you do, people with a mosquito attitude will always interrupt you, criticize you, make fun of you but you need to remember the fact that you are the boss and no one is in control of your happiness. So just ignore those people, ignore their criticism and move on with your life.

Flash-2: The elephant is the biggest movement of our lives. Mosquitoes are our restless ego that thrives by absorbing the attention of life. There is an inner life beyond our ego connected to the vast infinite realm of awareness. Be careful, be an elephant!




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