5 Things That Affect You, Your Health and Your Goals


But before you can do that, you need to know five basic things that affect us all:

  1. Nature
    It does not hurt to make a simple contribution to nature; a small contribution costs nothing. Take the garbage and throw it in the bin. If everyone did that, what a better world that would be. If everyone contributed, what a difference it would make!
  2. Events
    Think of any major local, national or international significance event. There are small events and daily events and family events and community events, too. Events affect us all – some small, some big, some people, some national, some global.
  3. Information
    Here’s a good quote for writing: Ignorance is not happiness. Ignorance is a tragedy. Ignorance is a waste. Ignorance creates deficiency. Ignorance causes disease. Ignorance will shorten your life. Ignorance will take your life and leave you with nothing, nothing will answer you. No, ignorance is not happiness.

Here’s another tip you can make: What you don’t know will hurt you. What you don’t know will negatively affect your health. What you don’t know will leave your life empty. What you don’t know will leave you without a relationship.

We are affected by anything we know or do not know.

  1. Results
    Whether business or personal, we are all affected by the results. Future guidance given to us will have the opposite effect. Well-managed instructions give us good results.
  2. Our Dreams
    We are touched by our dreams — our vision for the future.




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