Learning to Set Goals


Learning to set goals can change your life forever. There is the potential for future access, to design something to the best of your ability, to refine it as you go, to tear it down from time to time if you want, to set up a completely new list. It’s your life. It is your future.

3 Components of Strong Goals
The main reason to set a goal is what you do to achieve it. This will always be a much higher value than what you get. That is why goals are so powerful. They are part of the fabric that makes up our lives.

Setting goals is powerful because it gives focus, sets our dreams, and empowers us to go through the exact actions we need to achieve in order to achieve everything in life. Goals make us stretch and grow in ways we never had before. To achieve our goals, we have to be better – we have to change and grow.

Powerful goals have three components:

They must be encouraging.
They have to believe.
They should be goals for which you can work.
Life is designed in such a way that it looks long and short. We dream of the future and live in the present. Unfortunately, at the moment it can present many difficult obstacles. Fortunately, the more powerful our goals (because they are encouraging and convincing), the sooner we will be able to act accordingly and ensure that they will actually be achieved.





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