3 Must-Do’s for a Personal Transformation


Quality time
There is a difference between being active and working hard. What I found over time was that I was focusing on a lot of different things that didn’t go anywhere quickly because I thought being busy equals working, but it wasn’t. If you really want to understand the power of quality, look at each hour of the day as your employee: How do you use your energy, your thinking and your ability to take that hour? If it is true that we should sleep at least eight hours a day, that means there are 16 hours a day after bed, 16 hours to ensure that our use is high and that it is the best. So ask yourself, ‘Am I busy or successful?

  1. Quality relationships
    Anyone with your ear has your health. The people who challenge you to be the best are the ones who don’t always agree with you. They may not like “posts” or comment on anything you do, but when you talk to them, they give you the critical feedback needed to grow. So do you have a quality relationship that gives you a different perspective on the lens of everything that happens in your life?
  2. Quality of Life
    If you want to get the best out of life, you have to make it a point every day to let go of things that have reached the end of the day, so that you can let go of what you want to see. How do you check if you are in good health? Take a quick personal survey: On a scale of 1 to 10—10 be the highest, 1 be the lowest – how happy are you with the quality of your life now? If you say 5, how can you subtract from 5 to 5.5, to 6 or 7? What different choices will you make today? What decisions will you make? What things will you really give up?

If you want to see a personal transformation, how do you start to think about quality time, quality relationships and having a high quality life?





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