23 questions to ask yourself when you are depressed


Depression… ugh. We all know what it’s like. It shows each of us in different ways. Muscle stiffness, inability to sleep well, headaches, an unavoidable feeling of anxiety in your stomach, lowers your immune system. It can also affect our relationships and ability to work in equally dangerous ways.
So I came up with this list of questions to help her figure out the source of her stress. You have found the questions are so powerful that I am sharing them with some of the top artists I work with. They should also help you. But right now, it will lead you to the most important work you can do… not only in your business, but in all areas of your life:

Is there any visible external stress that is unusual or different in some way? Mention words – especially those that are not and may not have been encountered before. What is different? What do you need to see differently than before?

Are there any of these bonds in a special relationship that have a specific meaning to you? Personal or professional? Be specific.

What does it mean to you? What is at stake? What is the threat? Scary? Name it. Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem.


What about the quantity of material, compared to the quality pressure associated with the deeper meaning of the pressures you named? Be specific about when you feel overwhelmed by time, energy, energy and brain power. Set priorities, and determine your goals and what is most important.

Is there a person or persons imprisoned where the oppression comes from? WHO? What do you need to do to cope?

Is the pressure from external forces in particular, or is it internal energy? Like pressure from within? The irrational words and demands within your head? Conflicts from within? Name them. Where does such selfish thinking come from? How do you need to look at it and change it?

What is the key to a dream come true? Are you renting? Is there a different kind of relationship than employment? Is it some kind of help? The desire to be rescued by someone strong and powerful, or to support and nurture? Go and find out for yourself. It can show you what the pressure you are feeling is about and whether you need to bring in some energy or need more support.

What do you see in your system that makes your stress level rise or give you full strength as you look at it? Name it. Why does it do that to you? What would you change about the way you think? Can you remove it? Can you get help with it? How can you cope with it?


Who or what do you see in your schedule that reduces or empowers you in some way? Name it. What can you do about it? What controls you? Can you finish it? Have you delegated it to others? Turn it into a direct force? Delete parts of it?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the pressures of life? Say those things – they exist. Write them down, worry about them for about five minutes, and then turn to a list of things that you really can’t control.

Who feels the touch of something beyond your control? Name those people. Start realizing that you can’t control them, or their behavior, but you can control how they affect you and how you react or respond to them.

Who fills your tank? Who after them do you feel full? Are you happy? Are you refreshed? Are you strong? Are you free? Name them and when and what you did to make that happen. Obviously you need more.

Who is crazy? Those are the consequences that can be bad for you. Name them. Obviously you need a little, or a little time around them or to change their energy in some way.

Where do you work without your strength? Name the times and places. Limit your exposure to them and get help in those areas. Lower your expectations of doing well in areas that are not your strong areas.


Who around you do you secretly wish to leave? Name them. Deal with them directly if possible.

What is “lying there” feeling threatened? Frustrated? How? Is it beyond your control? How? How do you interpret the outcome or potential outcome? Name it. Look at how you reinforce that effect instead of fixing it or keeping it from happening.

Are you getting the rest and relaxation you really need? Really? Really? Really?

How do you feel when you fail to live up to your expectations or expectations? How? Is that true or false? Have you ever asked? Have you ever had a discussion focused on solutions to them?

Are you isolated and limited to people or activities that empower you? For how long? Why?

Do you feel dominated by others? Who? Name them. Why not say “no”?


Who are you angry with? Why? How did they affect your patience?

What’s wrong? In your heart? What would make you sad to think or talk about it? Who are you talking to about it? Why not? Are they useful? Who can you trust?

What are you experiencing right now that is causing chronic pain or trauma or anxiety? What are you reminded of?

So there are a few things to consider. Obviously just reading them will not solve everything, but it can give you clear indications of what you may be experiencing that are causing stress. Get in, get to work and I hope to see you smile on the other side!





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