How to Cope With Today’s Uncertainty


Reset Your Thinking
The challenges we face – in our own lives, in our businesses and in our nation – require a higher level of focused, directed thinking than ever before. We need different results than we see, and we need it urgently. Our minds must be put in advance to provide the beginning of the changes that will continue to come so that we do not face each other from the beginning.

This initial preparation revolves around looking at each change for the opportunities it brings, the problems it brings and the risks it presents. Those who are competent in this analysis will have a better chance than those who do not have a plan and are not trained.

Experts agree that there are two types of mindset – growth and adaptation. Those with a fixed mindset accept the status quo instead of looking for alternatives. Those with a sense of growth often view failure as an opportunity to grow, and they are more likely to open up new ideas and opportunities. As you can imagine, having the mind to grow is the best.

Start changing your mindset by developing a sense of growth. You will be able to turn frustration into a fun opportunity, which will empower you to embrace the next change that comes.


Do the Work
We believe that there are three main pieces of mindset confusion: individuality, leadership and organization. Here’s how to improve each step.

Each one.
People tend to fall into one of three camps: those who see change as insignificant and therefore resist it; those who do not care; and those who see change as right so they encourage it.

Those who see change as unjustified resist a few main reasons – some worry about losing their control of understanding, while others struggle hard with uncertainty.

Those who are indifferent often have the idea of ​​”this and that – and it will pass”. These people often use a lot of energy to seek out and justify their small response to change, thus missing out on greater opportunities in the process.

For those who accept it, change can be a good thing, because each change creates a new, exciting thinking. These people have good ideas, solutions and tendencies


As a leader, it is important to find clarity by asking: Where are we going, what is “why,” what is the reason and how am I leading well?

Once you are clear, it is important that you share your vision and communicate the “why” with those in your organization. Let people know how successful this is for them. Influential leaders make progress while instilling hope and confidence in their teams.

An organization can be a family unit, a club, a department or an entire company. Does your organization encourage change and prioritize working as a team that performs well? The best performing teams focus on performance as much as possible while continuing to re-evaluate for quality work, with each team member being individually encouraged with high levels of investment in the outcome.

Focus Now
The past meets the future in the control area known as the present moment. Too many people miss the current moment of their lives because they are too busy worrying, dreaming or doubting.

To unleash the power of the present moment, you must have the courage to change your mind. In the foreseeable future, we will only see the rate of rapid change. How to change your thinking and accept change – personally, as a leader and in the organization – will be crucial to whether you prosper or not.





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