This item kills your product


You know what you have in common with Elon Musk, Steph Curry, Jeff Bezos, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Oprah Winfrey and J. K. Rowling? You all have the same number of minutes to spend no matter how you choose, every day.

Twenty-four hours a day multiplied by 60 minutes gives us all 1,440 minutes – take the best time to sleep, eat, bathe and hug your kids, and have a thousand minutes left. You can use your minutes to conquer the world and get buckets of money, write books, train for competition, hang out with your family, drink with friends, buy food, meditate, wash clothes, watch Netflix, or post your dog pictures on Instagram.

Every day you wake up with 1,000 new minutes in your time bank. You are a senior manager of that bank, and it is entirely up to you how you can use those minutes. She is rich on time every Monday like Oprah and the richest man in the world.


You can no longer think of your time as free anymore. You are great – you are successful – you know that time is expensive, and if we think about our time as we make our money, we can change our thoughts without throwing it away. You wouldn’t throw away $ 100, would you? Well, that’s what you do for an hour and a half when you don’t produce; you basically throw your income out the window. Goodbye, money.

The clock begins to notice the second waking up, and if you do not know how to use those precious moments, it is suddenly 9 o’clock at night. and you’ll wonder (and again) how you didn’t have time to retrieve all of your clients or track down the new contact you made last week.

The day was far from over for me.
Such a busy day, I will do all that tomorrow.
Sounds familiar? That’s because there are regular minute killers sneaking in, trying to waste our time in the bank under our noses, often unknowingly. By learning to identify and destroy these minute killers, you can control your day, increase your time, and make more money.

Minute Killer: The Trap of Perfection
I would love to be the first in my career. If I were to take out the waltz at about 11 a.m., I would also eat breakfast while listening to the podcast, which sends a clear signal to my group: There is no rush here. Just appear whenever you want.


One day I arrived at 7:30 a.m. (after daily exercise) finding one of my team members is already working on his computer, working hard. Good for him. I replied to my emails, and then I was off for a long appointment. When I returned to the office at about 6:30 pm, she was where I had left her. The look of focus on his face was great – as if he was trying to separate the atom. I returned calls, answered emails, and had a meeting. By the time I finally got ready to leave at 8 p.m. he was still typing angrily. What was he doing all this time? I wondered. You must be writing screenplay at work. I had to ask.

“Hello. He has worked hard all day. How are you? “He sighed.” Yes. I just want to get this email client complete, so I’m working hard on it. I’m pulling as much data as possible. I’m doing all my research. I need to convince him that I’m right. “

I wouldn’t be so shocked if he just told me he was a stranger to another galaxy. Have you been texting and rewriting the same email all day?

While I enjoy the desire to post flawless connections, it doesn’t matter how good anything is if you don’t get results. And how can you get results if you spend 12 hours on one basic task? That’s 720 minutes. That’s a lot of time + money. He had fallen into a dark, ugly pit known as Analysis Paralysis, also known as the trap of perfection.


The trap of perfection will tear your thousand minutes and leave you cracked. You were too worried about one email all day, and now you have no more minutes left. You should have kept the others to go to that open house that your client wanted you to check out first in East Village, and you were able to miss your social drinks. Wondering how many potential clients you meet there? You don’t meet new people today, and that’s your whole job. There is nothing you can do but go home and grab a peanut sandwich and throw your clothes on the floor and go to bed. Well done.

Analysis Disability is a disease that keeps many hard-working people from reaching their leadership potential. They are overworked and think of everything until death because they believe that time is not paid and the result of their “hard work” will make them money. That’s not right. Their time is not free and the result is gambling even if the email is complete. The trap of perfection is actually costing them a lot of money, and they will know that as long as they look at their day as CEO they will look after their company. They can budget for each task, knowing that the only way to make a profit in those thousands of new minutes every day is to take care of them as you would with your cold, hard-earned money.

If perfectionism controls you, you will be wasting day by day. Stay away from it instead of getting used to the beauty. Ambition is real; perfection is a myth. Think about it.


A life full of beauty includes winning awards, running a successful business, and raising good children — that’s what you feel. Ambition is about having high but attainable standards. Prosperity does not want to absorb life in your minutes – beauty makes you get results. You have two options. You can go home at the end of a productive day to stay with your family and feel good because you are successful in life.

Or you can make yourself some sadistic sandwich and jump over a pile of sad clothes to fall out of bed and feel overwhelmed. And. What condition do you want in your life?

If you are known for falling headlong into the trap of perfection, there is a way to keep you out of it. You need to unsubscribe, and here’s how:

T: Hope
Know what you are doing. Exaggerated thinking is the gateway to perfection. YOU HAVE the skills to do the job. Don’t overdo it: make a plan to win this job. Write down your goal, and write down the steps that you need to take in order to achieve it. CONCLUSION is your motto from now on. As a trader in a large investment bank. You will be trading for 1,000 minutes each day.


A: Ask
Talk to someone who knows more than you do. This could be a partner. If you are afraid of making a embarrassing mistake, or you are not sure if your presentation makes a point at home, or if there is a problem with the big thing you have at work, immediately ask a co-honest (incomplete) employee to provide you with some feedback. You have to have this person in a quick dial, and they have to be a strong decision maker. And no matter what you do, DON’T ask an overly thoughtful person, or both of you will be stuck on your perfect island for the perfect end together – with no way to go far.

Give yourself a time limit. Two minutes of email, PowerPoint presentation hour. This will train your brain to go through these activities without draining your minute bank. All the work you do and all the steps you take are time consuming, costly.

Those ten minutes you took that you didn’t really need? That just cost $ 10. Do you like to cut $ 10? There will be some obvious signs that you are climbing the ladder of perfection, and those signs will be in the form of many consequences. Do you go through your to-do lists? Did you add more to your plate? Are you making more money for yourself, increasing customers, or a growing profit for your business?

If you do not complete the tasks and go back to the second aid package and get more dollars, you may have a problem. TAKE your own self until you see the light in the process.





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