16 DIFFICULT DECISIONS (but Completely Possible, Very Worthy) Decisions You Have Not Tried And You Will Not Fail

Don’t believe the hype: Setting a New Year’s resolution should be done every year. With the right motive, pursuing a goal or two enhances discipline, strengthens self-esteem, and encourages self-reflection. It makes you feel better.

However, goals are not always easy to achieve. On January 1 you can be released and ready to go, planning to deal with your decisions easily. But what about January 31? At that moment, many people realize what an unwavering motivation can be. It comes at random, and that in itself makes some decisions difficult to stick to. In fact, a landmark study by the University of Scranton found that 77 percent of the 200 people interviewed abandoned their commitment within just one week.


Why is it so difficult for people?

One reason would be the tendency, year after year, to set standard New Year’s resolutions, for cutting and pasting. You know the usual suspects: a decrease in your waistline, making more money or taking power that comes with promotion. Introduced as common sense objectives that anyone should have, these are good in perspective and worth achieving. However, the decisions are not clear enough.

To achieve success through your decision, you need to reorganize the way you set goals to use your power. A good place to start by making decisions that actually burn your passions. For Difficult Goals: The Secret of Going From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, author Mark Murphy explains this using the dictionary HARD. (Represents heartfelt, animated, needed, and challenging.)

From the heart: You have concerns about your goal.
Animated: The idea of ​​achieving your goal inspires you.
Required: Your goal is very urgent and you have no choice but to pursue it.
Difficult: The challenge completes you at all stages.
That changes things when it comes to setting goals, doesn’t it? Setting HARD goals strengthens your sense of purpose. After researching his book, Murphy found that people who chose HARD goals reached 75 percent more fulfillment in their lives.


So, what does the HARD goal look like to you? To bring you closer to the answer, here are 16 New Year’s resolutions that go beyond the basics.

1 / Visit at least four national parks
Traveling to new places creates memories that give meaning to life. But guess what? You don’t have to control the security of the airport, press onto the plane, and then arrive at a remote oasis to enjoy.

Likely, there is a sense of wonder and excitement near where you are. If your country or nearby country has many national parks, decide to explore the rolling plains and vast forests that you have never seen before.

2 / Try one vegan meal each month
Healthy eating is about building a list of delicious but nutritious foods you enjoy. Instead of starting a big commitment to a new diet, take children’s steps by expanding your palate.

A great place to start with a light, vegetarian meal. They get better all the time, and introducing yourself a little to your taste buds promotes a healthier life.

3 / Redecorate your home to match your desired energy
Forget the popular home decorating styles. This decision requires serious soul search. To fill your space with appropriate vibes, ask yourself one question: How do I want to feel when I get home?


Use your feedback to find lighting, furniture, and plants that promote your ideal mood. Each return home is an opportunity to measure your energy for the next day, so do it again on purpose.

4 / Take a day off once a month
Dating yourself can be fun. As an ‘your’ mentor, you already know what activities bring happiness to your life. Now all you have to do is set goals to reward yourself with this experience.

As for you, it probably breaks up with two pounds [2 kg] of crab legs. Or maybe visit your favorite museum to see a new art exhibition. No matter how busy 2021 is, get the much-needed time alone to pamper yourself.

5 / Listen to educational podcasts while playing video games
Want to fill your brain with more information? Do it while playing a simple game and hit it many times. This decision works because the muscle memory of the game will not interfere with listening and learning. And above all, you will save time by mixing entertainment and education.

If you need podcast suggestions, try Science Vs or Invisibilia. This is a good listener when you want to learn something that few people know.


6 / Read all the dance that spreads in 2021
Do you remember Dab? Renewal? Woah? If none of this sounds normal, don’t miss the next dance because FOMO is so bad. (Also, we have not seen anyone do those dances without a big smile on his face.)

Maybe that’s because dancing is a weapon. Somehow, all that movement increases your happiness in a way that protects you from bad vibes. If you are not doing anything else this year, dance freely!

7 / Wait 48 hours before buying large items
The new year does not mean just the new. For some of us, it means new things. If you are considering an expensive purchase, wait two days before swiping your bank or credit card. It’s a good idea to see if you really need the item or just want a temporary, emotional purchase. In any case, take the time to find out before you spend a lot of money and break your budget.

8 / Grow fruit and vegetables on your balcony
The gardens have become smaller and more manageable over the years. If you are stubborn about eating foods that you can trust, try to increase your own.


Tomatoes and certain herbs are good for beginners, and there is nothing like enjoying a homemade harvest. You will only need pots, seeds, good soil, some net, and patio space for every setting. This can work for apartments and houses alike, so give it a try.

9 / Your car’s tunnel and rotation go 5 km
Tired of the gym and how it stays full at the beginning of the year? Turn things upside down by cycling to nearby places. You can ride your bike and visit neighbors, a grocery store, or wherever you plan to deliver for quick delivery. Driving is fast, so you’ll definitely miss it from time to time. But just remember: Cycling gives you the exercise and lovely legs.

10 / Start a YouTube channel to hear about risky businesses
Did you realize that it’s free to start a YouTube channel? Unlike a blog that requires hosting money, you can get the following on YouTube with WiFi and smartphone service only. Also, starting a YouTube channel is a safe way to try to start a business for the first time. You will improve your communication skills, learn the value of consensus, expand your intelligence, network through collaboration, and hopefully you will gain a profitable side by selling AdSense ads or by sponsoring a sponsor.


11 letters / Mail of Thanks to close friends and family
We hear it all the time: Give people their roses while they can still smell them. If you have family and friends that means the world to you, show your appreciation for the joy and happiness they bring to your life. One powerful way to do that is to send thank-you letters. Life goes on in different directions over time, but handwritten notes will help you keep in touch.

12 / Link your path to success in visible conferences
Zoom sessions are hot right now, which means that visual conferences are the same. For those who can’t walk easily, this measures the playing field in a big way.

The network is the best part of conferences, and you can still do that in the visual setting. Before you buy a ticket, read the event schedule to see how the chances go. Are there rest periods that use Zoom chat rooms? Or maybe a small Q&A group where everyone talks? If so, a powerful opportunity to communicate is waiting.

13 / Convert the rest into new food with SuperCook
Cooking at home is one of the best ways to save money. Fortunately, you can take this waste disposal decision to the next level by downloading the SuperCook app.


This straightforward cooking assistant is easy to use. All you have to do is open the app, tap the microphone icon, and say what ingredients you have in your kitchen. In a matter of seconds, SuperCook does the hard work of collecting recipes that use the most or all of your ingredients.

14 / Fuse your favorite things on your work day
There is a growing consensus that the integration of working life affects the balance of working life. Instead of giving each employee an equal weight – eating dinner with the family, answering all your emails, cleaning the house – know that a certain amount of giving and keeping everything is in order.

This is especially important when it comes to hobbies. It’s hard to crowd out your day and is often invisible or unmistakable. To change that, incorporate it into your daily activities. You can learn a new language during your lunch break or play the guitar during a 15-minute break. It’s up to you!

15 / Look for one book in your public library each month
Jim Rohn commented: “Everything you need to have a better future and success is written down. And guess what? All you have to do is go to the library. ”Want to learn the secrets of investing? Growing a business? Building a better relationship? Everything is written somewhere in a free, accessible book.


16 / Learn to fix something you use often
What’s worse, fix it before it breaks. You know what you’re worried about: laundry and dryer, sliding door door, refrigerator, coffee maker. Once you’re out again, it could be anything: a loose wheel or a tight bike series. If something is important to you and makes your life better, show how it works. That way, you can save time and money by repairing the damage yourself.




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