Where to Look for Inspiration When You Need It


I find inspiration in reading. I also try to learn from stable women leaders, such as Barbara Humpton in Siemens, Mary Brady at the Economic Club of Washington and Karen Chupka with CES. These women run very large and complex businesses with brightness and humility.

-Ximena Hartsock, founder of Phone2Action

I look at my own challenges and how I was able to overcome them in the past. The reason I always look out for other successful people is because it is difficult for me to associate with their struggles on a personal level. I look to them for expertise and knowledge, but in my past I find inspiration.

-Abeer Raza, founder of TekRevol

Participating in one of my hobbies helps me to keep my mind off work and to deal with the pressures brought on me by no means. For me, riding my motorcycle without interruption of my phone or email – just the road and my thoughts. In the meantime, I’m wasting my time, planning and, hopefully, coming up with new ideas and creative solutions.

-Damien Lee, founder of Mr. Lee’s Noodles

I turn to the media, such as books and podcasts, and to other businesses and business owners within my network. Great ideas come when you least expect it, and there are forward-thinking leaders throughout the industry who can inspire you.

—Christine Yaged, founder and chief marketing officer of Launch Potato and FinanceBuzz





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