12 Ways to Promote Your Mind in Less Than 10 Minutes


Depression and negative emotions are a natural part of life. The problem comes when those feelings start to creep into your productivity and success.

If you find yourself in a tense situation, it is important to have a plan to put yourself in a better position. To help you, we have asked members of the Young Entrepreneurs Council to recommend small, effective ways to improve your mood in less than 10 minutes. Try one of these tips the next time you feel down.

  1. Take a deep breath.
    Breathing slowly, very deep – inhaling the air for six seconds and six seconds – sends a signal throughout your body to relax by forcing you to be present. The best part? You can do it anytime and anywhere, whether you’re alone at your desk or in a crowded meeting room. Try it and you will see how your emotions improve.
  • Karlo Tanjuakio,
  1. Write in your journal.
    Research into good psychology shows that writing down your thoughts with pen and paper can have a marked effect on your emotions. The success of products like “Five Minute Journal” proves that spending five minutes a day writing about things like what to thank, what your goals are and how you can improve your day can lift your spirits and make you feel successful.

-Amine Rahal, IronMonk Solutions

  1. Think of something you are grateful for.
    It’s easy to search and so on. Entrepreneurs are especially caught up in the pursuit of prominence, rapid growth and competition and sometimes take the time to stop and say thank you for everything they have done. Practicing gratitude helps people regain their attention and appreciation, knowing that they are blessed with the success they have had so far and the success they will continue to have.
  • Philas Kittaneh, Zress Mattress
  1. Watch something funny.
    When you start to feel stressed, tired or down, it may be a sign you need to break and take a break. When this happens to me, I turn to humor. Wear your favorite comedian, show or skit and just sit down to enjoy it. The chances of anything getting you down are not strong enough to keep you smiling or laughing. This process will quickly lift your spirits and serve as a simple reset button.
  • Jared Polites, LaunchTeam
  1. Work outdoors.
    One way to increase your mood faster, reduce stress and deepen your thinking is to work out. Moving out, whether for one or two tasks, removes you from office space with florescent lights and allows you to view the sky and trees and breathe fresh air through those short spaces in operation.

-Shu Saito, All filters

  1. Take a coffee or tea break.
    It may sound easy, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out for a cup of coffee or iced tea when I’m depressed and come back very happy. Your mood will not only improve, but caffeine can help fight headaches, relieve the stress of sin and give you much-needed energy to do it throughout the day.

-John Turner, SeedProd LLC

  1. Hit the power pose.
    One can control one’s mind with one’s body. According to some estimates, energy levels have been found to lower cortisol (which is responsible for stress), which also increases self-esteem and mood swings. So, if you are stressed because of a job interview, a business meeting, a presentation, etc., Find a quiet place and stretch out your arms and open your chest.
  • Kelly Richardson, Infobrandz
  1. Exercise briefly
    It is evident that having a regular exercise or going out on a regular basis can make us happier and more positive. This is very important because when we return to our daily work activities, our product will be affected and improved, in this case there will be a good vibration. Focus on your well-being, and your mind will be balanced.

—Kvin Leyes

  1. Meditate.
    Meditation is effective even for just a few minutes. All you have to do is spend some time with your eyes closed or just inadvertently. Take a deep breath and follow the air as you move through your body. What you are doing is connecting your body to the emotions that are happening now. Spend 10 minutes this way and you will be amazed at how good you feel after that.
  • Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner
  1. Call a friend.
    If you have a bad day or a moment, it doesn’t hurt to call a friend. You do not even have to talk about what is bothering you if your emotions are deeply affected right now. Instead, you can talk about something completely unrelated to help you clear your mind of it and calm down. Friends are our support systems and it is important to rely on them when we need help.

—Stephanie Wells, Awesome Forms

  1. Listen to the voice book.
    I find that audiobooks are a great way to get down when I feel frustrated or frustrated. When I start to feel like spraying, I kick back, close my eyes, and listen to the chapter in my current book. Myths work very well in this situation because they allow you to “run away” and come back to collect your thoughts.
  • Chris Christoff, MonsterInsights
  1. Play with your children or your pet.
    Whenever I go down, angry or otherwise ruined by life, I move away from anything and turn to my children. The way my oldest child looks at life helps me get out of my head. My newborn baby reminds me of the most important thing in life and always brings a smile to my face. They both eased my emotions almost immediately! If you do not have children, playing with an animal works the same way.




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