Are You Sticking to a Relationship That Holds You Back?


Think of a loved one you spend time with. A person with a passion for health infection has a way of reviving your challenges and boosting your self-confidence to grow above them. Someone you can count on to strengthen your thinking – to be more self-reliant and less skeptical.

Now imagine that everyone around you was like that. And if everyone else is present, this article is not yours.

But most likely, there are people you spend time with who won’t promote you. Chances are, there are others in your orbit who may be pulling you down, albeit unintentionally, and keeping you from doing the very same actions that could open up many exciting new opportunities in your career or business or life.

We are all creatures of society. Like this, we work to the best of our ability when we feel part of a “nation”: connected to the people around us. But not for other people.

The problem is that, as we move through life, we may be able to build relationships that do not bring our best and can actually fuel our doubts, diminish our vision, lower our vision and keep us playing less.


So if you’re a big thinker you know or can’t honestly say you’re looking forward to the conversations you’re having with the people you’re spending time with, it’s probably time for you to decide to be more committed to the relationships you are investing in.

Here are four tips to get you started.

  1. Start with yourself: Your vibe attracts your nation.
    A magnetic field can lift up to 12 times its weight; yet when it is pulled hard, it cannot even lift its feathers. As an attraction like. Likewise, people who make love out of life attract opportunities, good luck and other good people in their lives. It’s like going back. How you look in the world determines who comes to you.

This is not about trying to express yourself, or about being a person. It’s about accepting your worth and focusing on who you want to be in the world. After all, in addition to the unimaginable pressure of impressing people, it is your owner who will attract the kind of confident and generous people who can help you become the person you want to be. Not everyone, but people are ready!

You Got It! The Power to Change a Life of Self-Confidence You, I wrote that the best surprise of being just you is that if you don’t care what other people think of you, the more they do it.

  1. Be enthusiastic: Do not wait for the ‘opportunity to meet’; create.
    Sometimes rerendipity happens and an amazing person falls into your cycle. However, as my mother always said, “God helps those who help themselves.” So go and meet in places with people you want to meet. Go to the conference. Join the community. Sign up for a course, or plan your event and invite people you’d like to get to know better.

After moving to a new country a few years back, I met a wonderful woman named Tamera. We hit it off right away, but between our commitment to work and family (we have seven kids between us), we didn’t meet as often as we wanted. So we decided to start our own “Best Self” Club Club and invited five more women each – women who “do things” and have the same outlook on life. Within a few months, our personal and professional networks had grown significantly (except that we often used abbreviations!).

  1. Get Offline: No technology can replace a real human connection.
    Studies show that even though we are more connected than at any other time in human history, millions of people feel more isolated and connected to society than ever before. Surprisingly, it is those under 35 – the fastest growing social networking network – who feel the most lonely. It just so happens that we have to go beyond the “popular” trade of selected selfies, which, while providing a friendly illusion, is still long to meet our deep human hunger for true communication.

Is downloading to our devices and accessing the people around us completely uncomfortable? You bet. Human communication requires accepting the risks our screens allow us to avoid. But by reducing our online mask and finding real, real people, in real time, we can build the most meaningful and rewarding relationships. So put down your smartphone and start a conversation with the person in front of you. You do not know which doors to open.

As you move forward with your life, it is inevitable that you will miss out on some relationships. That doesn’t mean you don’t care about the people you’ve associated with the season. Probably a lot. It just means that continuing to spend more time with less time with them no longer helps you… or theirs (although they may not see it that way). This is not dishonest or unkind. It simply reflects your own evolution and the fact that other people simply do not grow in the same way or at the same pace. It’s not good. Not bad. Just life.

Your power is invaluable. Your time is precious. She is precious. So if the people you spend your precious time with don’t help you grow into the person you really want to be, stop making excuses and start investing more time with those who will.





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