How to Treat Haters


Epictetus, an ancient Greek philosopher, is quoted as saying: “Remember that it is we who are the troublemakers, who are the troublemakers – that is, our ideas. What does it mean, for example, to be insulted? Stand on a rock and curse, and what have you accomplished? If a person responds with obscenity like a rock, what has the abuser gained from his hypocrisy? ”

Wouldn’t it be nice if the names of others never touched us? We can move forward, completely untouched, as haters and skeptics throw bombs at words in our dreams. To many of us, that may seem impossible, and it is ridiculous. After all, we are human. Words hurt, especially when they come from those we care about and respect.

Haters we don’t know, keyboard warriors and the like, it’s easy to ignore. You do not know them and they do not know you or your story. It can cripple you for an hour or more, but those Instagram comments will slide down your feed and memory.

The bad truth for haters is that the hardest ones often appear in our inner circle.
The bad truth for haters is that the hardest ones often appear in our inner circle. A well-meaning, nervous parent tells us that job security is everything. A skeptical investor who says your idea has been made before. A great friend who doesn’t seem to get it. They are powerful enough to make us wonder, ‘What if they are right?


If you are fighting enemies in your circle, start with these steps and see how you feel afterwards.

  1. Consider the person.
    Your parents grew up in a different era, economic situation and set of goals. What may seem like good business and health advice to them no longer makes sense. Also, your parent wants to protect you. The counsel they give may be based on fear rather than sentiment.
  2. Set aside your identity.
    Your business is your child. You spend too much time thinking, dreaming. Any word of opposition can feel like a punch to your self-confidence. Put aside your ego and think about what this person is saying. Does it make sense? Are they aware of something you are ignoring or is this just a guess of their fears or envy?
  3. If necessary, ask specific questions.
    Not all haters are relentless. In fact, those who play a satanic role can play a vital role in the business world. For example, if an investor says your idea is not new or innovative, ask them which companies are doing the same thing. Scroll and make notes for similarities and differences. At the very least, you will be able to look at different ideas and prepare yourself for that.
  4. Adjust, keep going.
    If there is any truth in this message, you now have time to make corrections that need to be corrected. If another company feels very similar to its product offering, you may need to change product messages, not the company that pays for it. After all, there is no new concept. The difference comes from what you bring to that view.
  5. Be a rock.
    If indifference continues to flow, use the words of Epictetus. You cannot change what people say or do, but you are in control of your response. If your reaction is very strong, consider limiting time with that person – at least until you build a rock foundation.

We asked three businessmen about their knowledge of haters. Here is what they should have said.





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