The Importance of Having a Goal


In this day and age, we are working hard. It’s really hard. We all struggle to make ends meet. But research has shown that giving up the scent of roses — by focusing on our private interests, training, and spending time with your loved ones — is crucial to living a long life.

There is important research showing that these so-called “soft” sciences have an impact on our body and behavior. For example, research has shown that those who are optimistic and mentally healthy are less likely to smoke and more likely to exercise and eat healthier.

Some studies have shown that exercising with a friend gives you an opportunity to lose weight more than you would on your own. Some studies indicate that people who receive a daily kiss are 32 percent less likely to get sick. If that wasn’t a reason to kiss your loved ones right now, we don’t know what!

While it is important to keep our brains small with work and mental renewal, it is also important to have a fulfilling relationship with a sense of purpose. Ask yourself about the quality of your relationships, work ethic and communication. Do you have a purpose? Do you like it? Are you popular too?


Examine your whereabouts and what you need to do to improve. These problems can be profound and complex, and it is certainly not easy to solve them with just one advice or one strategy. But we believe you can take small steps for both of you to find your goal (say it by exploring a side wish) and connecting with a provider (like joining a meetup group in your area).

Another thing you can do is practice thinking – the ability to be present and to share. It takes work, but it’s worth it. Schedule time in your life to take care of your communication and do things you love. Whether this means weekly FaceTime calls with your best friend or visiting the local art museum once a month, make sure you schedule time to stop and smell the roses.

When contemplating the longevity of life, it might be tempting to contemplate such things as bionic organs and beating hearts. But it is important that you know that one of the best ways to ensure that we live a long, fulfilling life is to have a sense of purpose and to surround ourselves with those we love.





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