Seven Attributes of the Great Spirit


Everyone now has days of longing for peace of mind through financial success yet people do not realize that material success provides temporary happiness but not a long-term state of abundance. In contrast, the person with the Great Spirit regardless of whether he is rich or poor can have a state of great mental satisfaction. You may think that practicing the attributes of the Great Spirit is not an easy task and only special people can develop and practice these qualities, I do not agree with you. You have to remember that all people are born with the same principles of nature (including you) however successful and peaceful people are those who have the habit of learning things that are good for their bodies, heart and soul !!! That being said, here are eight qualities you should strive for in order to join the Great Spirits league and enjoy great mental and spiritual happiness:

1- High spirits lack the ability to argue, complain, curse, conspire and criticize. (More details about 6Cs can be read here.) They are focused on their business. They have a little habit of talking about people. They believe in the fact that small minds talk about people, ordinary minds talk about events, higher minds talk about ideas and big minds work in peace.
2- They are strong and hope for strong control over their mood swings. They are adaptable and can withstand a great deal of adverse conditions by controlling their negative thoughts.


3- They believe that nothing but others will remember them the way they made them feel. They are therefore wise and emotionally wise in judging others’ situations and feelings in order to solve their problem of making them feel good. They have a common attack on smiles and laughter to keep others happy.
4- They enjoy the present, forget the past and do not worry too much about the future. They have a strong tendency to live on necessities instead of necessities so they are not greedy in their situation.
5- They believe that gratitude is an open door to the masses which is why they have high gratitude. Spiritual people keep reminding themselves of what it means to wake up the next day with only the blessings for which they were grateful yesterday. A feeling of gratitude strengthens the level of satisfaction. They remember the quote “When Your Head is on the Pillow and the Day Is Alone Done – Count God’s Blessings, Count Each One
6- They believe in simplification rather than empathy in society. They realize that it is best not to follow any fashion trend or buy a fancy new car that their friends have because comparing themselves to others is a shameful act. And pleasing everyone will never bring lasting peace to their lives.
7- They listen more and talk less. When they speak, they speak well, which is important or beneficial to others. They know that the more you talk, the more likely you are to make mistakes, which is why those who are spiritually strong listen and speak less.


Although it may take some time to develop these habits, once you have made a concrete commitment to the pursuit of happiness through these qualities, the journey will be much easier and the fruits of your efforts will be much more enjoyable and lasting.




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