Are you a Reactor, Organizer or Commoner?


Hard work means planning ahead and balancing things in advance by anticipating potential dangers, problems, or challenges. Having said that, there are three kinds of people in the world.

Phase 1 is those who plan things out as they have a vision for the future. So they plan ahead to avoid any setbacks. I call these people ‘Editors’.

Category 2 are those people who have an effective way of handling things. That means that whenever a situation arises, they respond appropriately. I call these people ‘Reactors’. While there may be some good reactors but most of them are bad reactors because most of the cases do not give them the luxury of taking a U-Turn of a neutral return to start again.

Category 3 is Ordinary People. These people have no control over their lives. They are the product of their condition. They automatically flow with the air; wherever the wind blows them away. After all, the first stage is the best as they have an active lifestyle. So getting back on track is to understand the concept of working in detail. Here are some points:

  1. Continuity is a vision and ability to harmonize tasks in advance to avoid mistakes.
  2. Work ahead to anticipate potential problems and work on problems associated with the master plan. It is highly recommended that you do your events before they do so in time, because you do not know whether your plan for success will succeed or not. So be sure to check it out in advance, especially when the risk is high.
  3. Working people have analytical skills to understand any situation in detail so that they can identify low-level risks and plan accordingly. (You may want to update my article with analytical skills here.

When I think of the analogy of a tree, I would call ‘Organizers’ as ‘Roots’, ‘Reactors’ as ‘Branches’ and ‘Ordinary’ as ‘Leaves’. Always remember the fact that when the wind blows, its leaves are affected at first. So Leaf’s obligation to stick to the tree if they need to survive. With a tree, it does not matter if there is a broken leaf due to strong winds (conditions). What category are you from? Please share your thoughts.





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