Some Ways to Live a Simple Life


Put your children in affordable schools (expensive schools do not guarantee good results) Just make sure they go to a good school. The most important thing is to have time and give them good training at home.

Rental apartments that you can easily afford, do not live in a house that you are struggling to pay for every year. That is a source of stress. If it doesn’t, it will ruin your marriage.

A man with a pregnant wife has nine months to prepare her, and so does the pregnant woman in question. They should also plan for the worst and seek help only when they can not meet.

Some problems in our lives do not just arise, 12 months ago, we knew we would pay taxes … So its not an emergency …

Let’s plan our lives and live within our means. Some women buy food for their children every morning before going to school, do you know how cheap it is to cook at home? Some buy all the nice clothes for them and also buy shoes and a bag to match.


Eat a healthy diet and protect your family from mosquitoes to avoid frequent hospital visits. Use food and fruit on time, it’s cheap and you can be creative to create amazing food.

Don’t copy auntie Ama’s style of cooking soup, she earns well and her husband is a ‘big man’.

We worry about trying to achieve and achieve many things in the past especially when it is beyond our control. For example, going to school, maintaining a home and family, building and renting, your business, church activities etc all at the same time. Life goes on. Eventually death will be our end.

When you buy a car, buy one that is fuel efficient and in line with your income. Do not follow the practice. All you need is an easy and reliable navigation and not a source of additional pressure.

Don’t follow styles, wear neat clean clothes and keep your hair neat. You were about to kill.

  • Keep your circle small, keep only sensible friends! *

Planning is important, if we plan well we may not need to ask anything from anyone.


Above all, be God-fearing, sincere, and prayerful. Finally, be sensitive to the suffering of others.

Put it first and don’t live beyond your means, the Joneses live next door and not part of your budget! Be smart and not daft!




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